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Jun 18, 2012 - Travel to Vietnam with Peace Boat -Special Agent Orange Study Programme-

Programme Contents
Travel to Vietnam by ship and gain a deeper insight into the country than ordinary tourism allows. From August 24- 30 of 2012, NGO Peace Boat is offering a rare opportunity to sail to Vietnam as part of a special study programme about Agent Orange and the long lasting effects of war. Heather Bowser, an American activist working to raise awareness of the lingering problems of Agent Orange and to build ties between those affected in the United States and Vietnam, will lead this special programme. Ms. Bowser was born with multiple birth defects after her father, a US soldier during the Vietnam War, was exposed to the chemical defoliant. She has been featured in the documentary, Living the Silent Spring, which examines the effects of Agent Orange on second and third generations. During the programme, participants will learn about the history of the Vietnam War, the experiences of Agent Orange victims, and the efforts today to unite people who have been affected worldwide.

Agent Orange is known to have affected approximately 3 million Vietnamese people as well as numerous US war veterans. Recently, evidence of its storage and use in Canada and Okinawa, Japan has also come to light. Participants in this programme will learn about these and other important issues onboard while traveling to Vietnam. In Da Nang, Vietnam, participants will have the opportunity to hear the personal testimonies of local people affected by Agent Orange.

Programme Leader
Heather Bowser
Agent Orange Awareness Activist

Heather Bowser was born with multiple birth defects as a result of her fathers exposure to Agent Orange/dioxin during the Vietnam War. As a child, she and her parents struggled greatly with the psychological and physical effects of Agent Orange on their lives. Her parents became involved in the Agent Orange awareness movement, and Heather continued her father's work after he passed away at the age of 50 of Agent Orange complications. Heather became the first documented dioxin affected child of an American Vietnam veteran to travel to Vietnam to meet with Vietnamese who have also been greatly affected by Agent Orange. Heather aims for people suffering from the effects of Agent Orange worldwide to be acknowledged, and for global awareness to grow about the effects of war on second and third generations.
More about Heather can be found at: and

Departure: Tokyo, Japan - Aug 24, 2012
Arrival: Da Nang, Vietnam - Aug 30, 2012

Programme Costs
75.000 JPY**
Includes 6 nights accommodation, three meals per day onboard, port charges and tips onboard, lectures onboard, and access to facilities onboard such as swimming pool, gym, and sport deck.
Does not include return flight from Vietnam to Japan, or optional programs in Da Nang.
**Citizen journalists, videographers and writers interested in covering this programme may receive a further discount. Please contact Peace Boat at pbglobal(at) for more information.

Travel coordinated by: Peace Boat
Travel planned and conducted by: Japan Grace Co., Ltd.

To apply please mail us to pbglobal(at)
A Peace Boat voyage is a life-changing experience. Utilizing the public spaces and facilities onboard the ship, and harnessing the talents of staff and participants alike, Peace Boat creates a unique environment in which people can live and learn together while undertaking socially responsible travel to some of the most fascinating regions on earth. On average, between 700 and 1,000 participants of various ages and backgrounds join our voyages each time.
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