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Jun 14, 2012 - Peace Boat takes Fukushima Citizens to participate in Rio+20: Voices of Fukushima at UN Summit
On June 20 – 22, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This conference is a key gathering to discuss a sustainable future.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant accident not only brought great suffering to the people of Japan, but also spread radioactive contamination on a global scale. Here at the conference, Japan has the responsibility to accurately share the experiences and current situation of Fukushima with the world, and ensure that discussions are held to learn from these experiences. To fulfill this responsibility as civil society, to share the reality of the nuclear accident's damage, and send a message for a nuclear power free future, Peace Boat and several other citizens' groups are cooperating for 4 members of Fukushima citizens' groups to participate in the Rio+20 conference.

* See also Peace Boat's Statement for Rio+20, "Learn from Fukushima for a Nuclear-Free, Sustainable Future".

Cooperating Organizations
Peace Boat US, Earth Summit 2012 JAPAN, Earth Day Tokyo, World Shift Network Japan

Overview of activities in Brazil (TBC)
June 16 (10:30 – 12:00)
Within the Joint Japanese Government-Civil Society Side Event "Japan Pavilion"
Venue: Athlete's Park
Title: "Organic farming contributing to community revitalization, sustainable development and green economy: A case from Fukushima"
Organized by: Fukushima Prefecture Organic Agriculture Network, CSO Network
Supported by: Peace Boat
* At this event Peace Boat and its delegation from Fukushima will join two more citizens from Fukushima, travelling under the support of CSO Network and A SEED Japan.

June 16 (13:15-14:45)
Within Brazil Government Rental Space
Venue: Arena de Barra, Auditorium ARN-2 (140 person capacity)
Title: A Future with Sustainable Energy - voices from Fukushima
Organized by: Peace Boat

June 18 (19:30-21:00)
Official United Nations Side Event
Venue: RioCentro T-2 (380 person capacity)
Title: Voices from Fukushima: Sharing Lessons for Global Sustainability
Organized by: Peace Boat

June 18 (10:00-11:00)
Sustainable Dialogue (Dialogue with Citizens hosted by Brazilian Government)
Venue: RioCentro
Kawasaki Akira of Peace Boat will join the session for discussion on energy issues.

June 21 (1630 - 1830)
Event at the People's Summit
Venue: t1d, Dragao do Mar
Title: Voices from Fukushima: Calling for a Nuclear Power Free World for a Sustainable Future
Organizer: Peace Boat

June 22 (0900 - 1100)
Event at the People's Summit
Venue: t1d, Dragao do Mar
Title: Voices from Fukushima: Calling for a Nuclear Power Free World for a Sustainable Future
Organizer: Peace Boat

June 14 (evening) Dep. Japan, June 15 (morning) Arr. Rio (Sudo, Sato, Honma)
June 15 (evening) Dep. Japan, June 16 (morning) Arr. Rio (Takamura)

June 23 (evening) Dep. Rio, June 25 (evening) Arr. Japan

Planned reports from Rio
Reports from the international conference in Rio will be made through Facebook and Twitter in both Japanese and English/

Participant Profiles
SATO Kenta (Iitate)
Mr Sato (30) was born and brought up in Iitate village. Before the March 11 disaster and nuclear power plant accident he was active in local community events in Iitate, looking after local children. After the disaster upon discovering that his home village was polluted with high levels of radiation, he has been appealing both nationally and internationally through twitter (@024442) etc for the urgent evacuation of children and young people. At the end of April, before the start of "planned evacuations" he was involved in the founding of "Magenedo Iitate" (Never Give Up Iitate) working with youth and the older generation of the village. Dedicated to protecting the livelihoods and lives of the people of the village, he has been working on the making of a "Healthy Life book" aiming to keep a record of the lives and health of the people of the village since March 11. The "Health Life Book" has since been adopted by other local governing bodies. Mr Sato was also the director for the "Fukushima Conference" held at Fukushima University in November last year. Executive Director of "Magenedo Iitate" and a director of the Youth Leagues of Societies of Commerce and Industry, Japan.

SUDO Eiji (Minamisouma)
Mr Sudo (39), if from Minamisouma City, in Fukushima Prefecture. After working various different temporary jobs in Tokyo and Hokkaido, he returned to his home town in 1995 and started working at a restaurant run by his mother, before taking over the business in 2004. He founded [Tsunagaro Minamisoma] "Let's Connect Minamisouma" on April 20th, after the March 11 disaster with the catch phrase [Arigatou kara Haijmeyou] "Let's start with Thank You". He ran a project to fly flags with the two messages: [People's Revival, Home town regeneration! Let's start with Thank You] and [We are united in spirit! Home Town Regeneration! A future for our Children! ]. In February this year he organised the "Minamisouma Dialogue", in cooperation with 15 other civil society groups founded following the March 11 disaster, to provide a place for citizens to discuss their future. He is currently in charge of "Everyone's Republic" a project that was born out of this dialogue to provide a space for children to play.

TAKAMURA Miharu (Minamisouma)
Ms Takamura is a mother of three boys and worked as a nurse at and old people's home in Minamisouma city until the March 11 disaster and nuclear accident. She evacuated her children to Saitama Prefecture, while herself evacuating round various locations within Fukushima prefecture. At the end of March she went back home, and volunteered for 2 months in Minamisouma Volunteer Centre, after which she set up the organisation "Grow Flowers and Grow Hope". After renting leased housing in Yamagata for her youngest son of 5 years old, she has continued to work traveling between Minamisouma and Yamagata-city. She is also a member of NPO [Jissen no Machizukuri] (Real Action for Town Building) where she has been supporting people living in temporary housing. She has organised events such as "Minamisouma Dialogue" through the organisation [Tsunagaro Minamisouma] (Let's Connect Minamisouma). Through her meeting with Dr Kamata Minoru, Chair of the Japan Chernobyl Fund, she became involved with the "Glass Badge Support Project" and visited Chernobyl, 25 Years after the nuclear power accident.
She is currently active as a storyteller, telling people about the grief and tragedy of nuclear power accidents.

HONMA Miyuki (Fukushima City)
Ms Honma is a student of Fukushima University, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences. She has been actively involved in volunteer efforts with the Fukushima University Volunteer Centre since the March 11 disaster, and became director of "Fukushima Ashiyu" (Fukushima foot-baths). This Foot Bath project originally started after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, provided counseling and community support and interaction through public foot baths. Students from Fukushima are continuing this project in temporary housing areas in order to provide long term support to evacuees. Since she has given reports around Japan and overseas in Germany regarding the current situation in Fukushima and volunteer activities. This year she gave a report to the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture concerning her trip to Germany.
Documents for download
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