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Oct 16, 2013 - Amidst high Japan-Korea tensions, More than 1000 Japanese and Korean citizens set sail on the Peace & Green Boat Asia Regional Voyage 2013
Media Release :

Amidst high Japan-Korea tensions, More than 1000 Japanese and Korean citizens set sail on the Peace & Green Boat Asia Regional Voyage 2013

Press Conference:

Date: October 18 (Friday), 13:30

Location: Hakata Port International Terminal 14-1 Okihama-machi,Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-0031

TEL: 092-282-4871

Contact :
Peace Boat: Mr NOHIRA Shinsaku
TEL: 03-3363-7561 / Mobile: 090-6015-6820 /

Press Conference Participants

Ann Wright (former US Army Colonel and peace activist)
Lee Young-chae (Keisen University)
Kamata Satoshi (Reporter)
Kim Boongang (Korea NGO Centre)
Totsuka Etsuro (former Ryukoku University Professor / International Human Rights Lawyer)
Hatae Natsuki (Bridge for Peace?j
Maeda Tetsuo (Journalist)
Yoshioka Tatsuya (Peace Boat Director)

Peace & Green Boat Asia Regional Voyage 2013

Since August 2005, Peace Boat has collaborated with Korea's largest environmental NGO, the Green Foundation, in order to build new bridges between Japan and Korea, and a peaceful, sustainable future for East Asia, through the organization of "Peace & Green Boat" short voyages exploring the region. On October 18, the sixth such voyage will be held, with more than 500 participants from each Japan and Korea taking part.

This year's voyage will travel through the East China Sea, the site of territorial disputes now faced by Japan, Korea and China, and visit the ports of Hakata, Busan, Taiwan, Okinawa and Shanghai. The voyage will focus on Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution as a regional peace and security mechanism for East Asia, historical recognition issues and reconciliation, violence against women during conflict and the Japanese Military 'Comfort Women,' the shift from nuclear to renewable, sustainable energy, and more.

These themes will be discussed through various symposiums and workshops held onboard the ship, in combination with study tours and actions for a peaceful and sustainable East Asian society to be held in ports in partnership with local peacebuilders.

Voyage Itinerary

October 18 (Fri) Hakata (Fukuoka)
October 19 (Sat) Busan (Korea)
October 20 (Sun) At Sea
October 21 (Mon) Keelung (Taiwan)
October 22 (Tues) At Sea
October 23 (Wed) Naha (Okinawa)
October 24 (Thurs) At Sea
October 25 (Fri) Shanghai (China)
October 26 (Sat) At Sea
October 27 (Sun) Hakata (Fukuoka)


Ocean Dream (35,265 tonnes, registered in Panama)

Guest Educators

Ann Wright (Former US Colonel and Peace Activist) / Lee Yonche (Keisen University) / Ikeda Kayoko (translator) / Uehara Hiroko (former Mayor of Kunitachi) / Omori Kazuyoshi (Secretary-General of Organisation to know the history of the area) / Kamata Satoshi (reporter) / Kim Boongang (Korea NGO Centre) / Kokontei Kikuchiyo (rakugo traditional Japanese storytelling performer) / Takazato Suzuyo (Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence) / Hatae Natsuki (Bridge for Peace), Totsuka Etsuro (international human rights law expert) / Matsuda Mio (travelling singer) / Maeda Tetsuo (journalist) / Mori Tatsuya (author and filmmaker) / Lee Yong-soo (survivor of Japanese imperial army sexual slavery) / Hsu Szu-chien (Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan) / Chen Chun-Sheng, Taiwan Su-Ao Fishermen's Association / Kim Jung Uk (Seoul University Emeritus Professor) / Seo Moon-tak (singer) / Lee Han Choul (singer) / Su Hae Sung (author) / Oh Dong Jin (film critic) / Hyojae (Korean traditional clothing designer) / Bubble Dragon (bubble artist) / Choe Jaeyon (photographer) / Ko Hyon-sook (coach) / Choi Goeun (musician) / Kim Seoyeon (poet) / Shin Ji-hee (Designer, ON it representative) / Yoo Sung-yong (travel author) / Lee Chang Hyun (Head of the Seoul Institute) / Cho You Mi (Chair, Leo Burnet Korea) / Kim Han Jung (Guest Professor, Kim Dae Jung Library at Yonsei University) / Kwak Junyeong (magician) / Lee Se-jung (Korea Green Foundation Representative)

Themes of In Port Programmes

Busan: Korean democracy movement, Korean nuclear energy situation and the Kori Nuclear Power Plant, multiculturalism, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Keelung: Oceanic perspectives on territorial issues, organic farming, support for Hansen's disease sufferers, No Nuke Taiwan!, preventing sexual exploitation of children

Nahav: Futenma base and mainland Japan relations, the Miyamori primary school jet crash incident, citizens movements against the US base construction at Henoko, Battle of Okinawa mrial sites, Yomitan cultural exchange

Shanghai: eco village and organic farming, historical recognition nd the Nanjing Massacre Museum, the Korean independence movement, exchange with Chinese youth.

Hakata: Korea-Japanese exchange in Nagasaki, the history of forced labourers, eco initiatives, alternatives to nuclear energy from the local and regional perspectives. For more information about the Peace & Green Boat Asia Regional Voyage 2013 see here

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