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Sep 20, 2011 - Step Inside Peace Boat For a Day!
NOTICE: The planned dates for the Peace Boat Open Ship events in October-November have been changed as follows. We are sorry for this trouble, however we hope to welcome you all onboard the Oceanic on these new dates. No extra procedures are required for those who who have already registered to attend the Open Ships. Please feel free to come to the ship as planned with your boarding invitation card.

If you have ever wondered how it would feel to sail around the world on a fully equipped passenger ship, get a taste of the experience at the Open Ship events Peace Boat will hold in various locations in Japan this autumn. Between November 3-11 2011, Peace Boat will welcome visitors to step onboard its ship to learn more about upcoming voyages and the countries that will be visited in 2012 and 2013. We also welcome visitors to view the cabins and facilities onboard our chartered ship, The Oceanic, which has a capacity for 1,500 people and includes features such as lecture halls, sports areas, language classrooms, and a Montessori education room for children.

A Peace Boat voyage is a life-changing experience. By utilizing the public spaces and facilities onboard the ship and encouraging the interests and talents of staff and participants alike, Peace Boat creates a unique environment in which people can live and learn together while undertaking socially responsible travel to some of the most fascinating regions on earth. On average, between 700 and 1,000 participants of various ages and backgrounds join each of the three to four voyages we organize every year. Most participants are from Japan, but people of all nationalities are welcome to join our global voyages. Each voyage calls at approximately 20 countries around the world over three months and offers participants unique chances for learning, cultural exchange, and global community building.

Our Open Ships events are free, open to the general public, and will feature global festivals in Yokohama and Kobe. See below for more details:

Yokohama Open Ship
Location: Yokohama Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal (10 minutes from the Nihonodori Station on the Minato Mirai Line)
Date: November 3 (Thursday - public holiday), 2011
Visiting Hours: 09:30-16:00
Registration deadline: October 28, 19:00

A Global Festival will also be held on the top deck of the ship on this day. Enjoy music and dance performances, and pick up information about various countries at special Embassy booths.

Kobe Open Ship
Location: Kobe Port Terminal (Port Terminal Station on the Port Liner)
Dates: November 5 (Sat) and November 6, 2011 (Sun)
Visiting Hours: 9:30-16:00
Registration deadline: November 1, 19:00

A Global Festival will be held in the passenger terminal of the port from 10:00-16:00 on November 6. Enjoy music, dance and food from around the world!

Fukuoka Open Ship
Location: Hakata Port International Terminal (from Hakata Station: Take bus #88 from the E bus terminal in front of the Hakata Station Center Building to the Hakata Port International Terminal (Approximately 15 minutes). Shuttle bus will be provided from the Terminal to the Ship free of charge
Date: November 8, 2011 (Tuesday)
Visiting Hours: 9:30-16:00
Registration deadline: November 1, 19:00

Nagoya Open Ship
Location : Port of Nagoya (Nagoya Port Station on the Meiko Metro Line)
Dates: November 11, 2011 (Friday)
Visiting Hours: 9:30-16:00
Registration deadline: November 7, 19:00

To register in Japanese, please fill in the form here.
To register in English, please send the following information to participate(a) * Full name
* Contact e-mail address
* Contact telephone number
* Postal address (We will post your admittance postcard to this address. Please bring this postcard with you to the port)
* The date you would like to attend
The above information must be provided for each individual, even if registering as a group.

Please note that guided tours of the ship in English will be limited. If you are interested in receiving a guided tour, please indicate this at the time of registration. Beverages will be available for purchase on the ship, but food will not be sold or provided during the event.

For more information about our Open Ship events, please contact participate(a) We hope to welcome you onboard soon!
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