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Mar 15, 2013 - Press release: IRAQ TEN Events - Iraq War Ten Years On
"IRAQ TEN" Events - Iraq War Ten Years On:
Never forget the Iraq War and never be involved in a war again

Events to be held across Japan to mark the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War

Press Conference with the Speakers and Organizers on March 18 at 18:30

Dialogue with Parliamentarians on March 19 at 17:30

Main Tokyo event at Waseda University on March 20 from 13:00

Speakers include Iraqi photojournalist Ali Omar Al-Mashhadani and Rose Gentle, founder of UK Military Families Against the War

March 2013 marks the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war.
Organized by a coalition of individuals and NGOs, the "IRAQ TEN" series of events will stimulate discussion about the war and about how Japan should act in future situations.
The invasion of Iraq was an act in breach of international law. The reason for the Japanese Government's support of such invasion, and their support and participation in the war, has yet to be clarified. Despite the efforts of concerned citizens, and the huge streets demonstrations, ten years ago we failed to stop the war. The result has been terrible suffering for the Iraqi people. Ten years on, we must demand that the truth be revealed, and increase civil-society led activity to build peace and refuse to participate in future wars.

PRESS CONFERENCE: March 18th (Mon) 18:30 - 20:00
Place: JIM NET Tokyo Office (Tokyo Toshimaku Takada 3-10-24 DAINI OOSHIMA Building 303)
For information: TEL/FAX 03-6228-0746
Speakers: Rose Gentle (Founding member of 'Military Families Against the War' and Campaigner against the war in Iraq), Ali Omar Al-Mashhadani (Photojournalist), the co-chairs of Iraq Ten committee; Ikeda Kayoko, Shiba Rei, Takato Naoko, Hiroshi Taniyama, Yoko Tomiyama, Yoshioka Tatsuya

DIALOGUE WITH PARLIAMENTARIANS: March 19th (Tue) 17:30 - 19:00
Place: 2nd Congressional office building of the House of Representatives
Speakers: Rose Gentle and Ali Omar Al-Mashhadani
For Information: Nohira Shinsaku, IRAQ TEN coordinator: 090-6015-6820

"IRAQ TEN" CAMPAIGN EVENT: March 20th (Wed) 10:00 - 17:00
Place: Waseda University, 14th Building. Nishi-waseda 1-6-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Speakers: Speakers: Ukeru Magosaki (former diplomat and critic), Ali Omar Al-Mashhadani (Photojournalist), Rose Gentle (Founding member of 'Military Families Against the War' and Campaigner against the war in Iraq)
For More Information: Iraq Ten campaign committee: Tel: 090-9328-9861 Fax: 03-3209-5122
E-mail :


Ukeru Magosaki
Born in 1943, Ukero is a former diplomat and a critic. A former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Japan to Uzbekistan and Iran, he has also worked at the Department for International Intelligence at the Ministiry of Foreign Affairs. Until 2009, he was a professor at the National Defense Academy of Japan until 2009.

Ali Omar Al-Mashhadani
A photojournalist born in 1969 in Ramadi, Iraq. Al-Mashhadani has worked for Reuters, BBC and NPR covering Anbar and Tikrit. He was also a part of the making of the 2008 "FRONTLINE" documentary "Rules of Engagement", which featured the notorious incident of the Haditha killings of 24 unarmed Iraqis by a group of United States Marines. He is currently working as a correspondent for five TV stations and five newspapers in the Middle East region.

Rose Gentle
Founding member of 'Military Families Against the War' and Campaigner against the war in Iraq. Mrs. Rose Gentle from Pollock, Scotland, is the mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle who was killed during service in Iraq at the age of 19 in June 2004. Since her son's death, Mrs. Gentle has become an outspoken critic of the invasion of Iraq. Mrs. Gentle co founded "Military Families Against the War," an organisation of families of servicemen and women in the United Kingdom created to campaign for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. Mrs. Gentle has taken her case to the High Courts and the European Courts and campaigned for inquiry into the decision by the British government to invade Iraq, the results of which have been delayed until later this year.

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