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Jun 25, 2012 - Onboard Press Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden: Message from Fukushima Japan for a Nuclear-free, Sustainable Future

Onboard Press Conference 25 June 2012 (Mon) 15:30-16:30

"Message from Fukushima Japan for a Nuclear-free, Sustainable Future"

* Prior registration is NOT required. Press as well as locals are invited to come directly to Arendal Berth 751/752, Port of Gothenburg at 15:00 to attend this event *

On Monday 25 June 2012, the Japan based international NGO Peace Boat will visit Gothenburg as part of a 101 day around-the-world voyage to promote grassroots exchange and education about global issues. It arrives at Arendal Berth # 751/752 in the port of Gothenburg, 06:00 on Monday and departs at 18:00 in the evening. Amongst the 1,000 passengers of this Peace Boat voyage are several people from Fukushima as well as those strongly involved with bringing the nuclear based Japanese energy regime towards one based on renewable energy for a sustainable future.

Seizing the opportunity of having the ship in Gothenburg, a press conference will be held to bring the message of courage and hope from Fukushima to co-create a more sustainable future based on renewable energy. The conference will take place from 15:30-16:30. Speakers will address the consequences of nuclear radiation, safety and security concerns associated with nuclear energy and energy situation in Japan from the perspectives of both Japan and Sweden.

  • Ms. Hayakawa (Peace Boat participant from Fukushima)
  • Mr. Tomas Kåberger (PhD, Former Director General Swedish Energy Agency,
  • Executive Board Chair Japan Renewable Energy Foundation)
  • Mr. Göran Bryntse (PhD, Chair, Swedish Association for Renewable Energy)
  • Ms. Lena Malm (Lord mayor of Gothenburg)
  • Mr. Tanaka Yu (Environmental activist, Japanese Energy Specialist)
  • Mr. Yoshioka Tatsuya (Director, Peace Boat)
  • *Programme may be changed without advance notice

PEACE BOAT: Onboard Press Event
" Message from Fukushima Japan for a Nuclear-free, Sustainable Future"
Start check-in: 15:00
15:30 - 16:30 Monday 25 June, 2012
Arendal Berth # 751/752, port of Gothenburg

- For enquiries about the event, please contact:
Yuko Oaku ( 0769-255-217
Chieko Azuma (

This press conference is co-organized by Peace Boat and the Sustainable Sweden Association

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