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Mar 23, 2012 - STOP! Nuclear Power Restart - 3.23 Joint Press Conference with Citizens
PRESS ADVISORY "STOP! Nuclear Power Restart"
3.23 Joint Press Conference with Citizens

Update: the video archive of this press conference is now available online here thanks to the Independent Web Journal (IWJ).

Date: 12:00-13:00, March 23, 2012 (Fri)
Venue: 3rd Conference Room, House of Representatives Diet Office Building #1
Speakers: MIYADAI Shinji, others as below
Language: Held in Japanese with full English interpretation provided.

- Investigating the causes of the accident to prevent another "Fukushima"
- Necessity of reorganizing the existing nuclear safety regulatory regime
- Safety could not be confirmed by the stress-test
- Lowered values for control rod insertability at Oi Nuclear Power Plant, Units 3 & 4
- Explanation to and agreement from areas surrounding nuclear power plants that may be affected by an accident.
- "Shortage of Electricity", a fabrication of KEPCO

Restart of nuclear reactors currently stopped for periodic inspection is pending, especially with Ohi Nuclear Power Plant Units 3 and 4. However, the ongoing process is being carried out without completion of the investigation into the causes of the Fukushima accident, review of safety evaluation criteria, and restructuring of the existing nuclear safety regulatory regime. The voices of the Japanese citizens are likewise not reflected.

Also, it has been revealed that KEPCO together with the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency lowered the value of control rod insertability so that the value will not go over the safety standard even when the 3 active faults simultaneously cause earthquakes.

Under this urgent situation, citizens, experts, and people in the communities of Fukushima and Fukui are once again expressing their determination to"Stop! Nuclear Power Restart" and sharing the latest situation.

Program and Speakers
1. STOP?I Nuclear Power Restart?@Latest Information and Voices of the People
MIYADAI Shinji (Sociologist)
AMAMIYA Karin (Author activist)
SUGIHARA Koji (Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emergency Conference / Greens Japan)
MITSUTA Kanna (FoE Japan)
TAKEMURA Hideaki (e Shift / Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)
YOSHIOKA Tatsuya (Chair, Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World Organizing Committee/ Director, Peace Boat)

2. Current Situation in Fukui
NAKAJIMA, Tetsuen (Obama City Citizens Against Construction of Nuclear Power Plants)
ISHIJI Masaru (Wakasa Ordinary Citizens Concerned with Pluthermal)

3. Voice of Fukushima
SHIINA Chieko (Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power)

Organizers: e-shift (Society to realize denuclearization and new energy policy), Fukushima Nuclear Accident Emergency Conference, Against Nuclear Restart! National Action, Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World Organizing committee, Peace Boat, Green Action, FoE Japan, Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Fukuro-no-Kai, No Plutonium! Tokyo, Obama City Citizens Against Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, Wakasa Ordinary Citizens Concerned with Pluthermal

Nohira Shinsaku, Peace Boat - 090-6015-6820 / E-mail:
e-shift Secretariat (c/o FoE Japan) Tel: 03-6907-7217 Fax : 03-6907-7219

Download this press advisory as a pdf here.