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Dec 12, 2016 - Introducing Peace Boat's Interns - July-December, 2016
Peace Boat is grateful to our interns who have been supporting our activities in the second semester of 2016 while gaining hands on NGO experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange, and other areas. This year's interns come from very diverse backgrounds and we have been very fortunate to hear their stories and learn from them. (Seen below in alphabetical order by first name).

So far, our interns have been involved in various Peace Boat activities such: as Peace Boat's efforts to support the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs); the Open Ship Events and onboard Global Festival of Culture and Tourism held in August and December at the port of Yokohama Tokyo, Japan; our ongoing campaign for a nuclear power free energy policy in Japan; the Ecoship project, our endeavour to build the world's greenest cruise ship; as well as research and other related work for future projects and voyages.

Interning with Peace Boat is a great way to experience working at an international NGO while in Japan, and to get involved in the different activities carried out onboard, in Japan and in the different ports that Peace Boat visits. Applications for the 2017 January - June Internship Programme are now open. If you would like to get involved in Peace Boat activities and gain valuable experience in the NGO sector, send in your application now.

Peace Boat Intern Heena Yang
Heena Yang

"Hi, My name is Heena Yang from Korea. I am currently studying at Meiji University, Global Japanese Studies department. 9 years ago, I lived in Nagoya for a year and that experience totally changed my life. I became more interested in cultural exchange and multiculturalism, which eventually made me study in Japan. I've been introducing Korean culture to Japanese students as a cross-cultural instructor. Apart from this, I strongly believe that learning out of school is also important, so I decided to join Peace Boat by interning for 6 months."

Peace Boat Intern Oulimata Guey
Oulimata Guey

"Born and raised in Senegal, I first arrived in Japan in 2010 for a 4 year scholarship program. Over the years, I developed interest in international affairs and intercultural exchanges, which lead me to pursue a degree in International Cooperation. I currently am enrolled in a Master course at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. Because one of my favorite things living in Japan is the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from all around the word, and I enjoy learning languages, and about development economics, cooperation and peace, Peace Boat sounded like the perfect place for me to intern, with the ultimate goal to go onboard upcoming voyages as a translator/interpreter. Through this internship, I have gained valuable knowledge about the SDGs, and those who are actively engaged in attaining them. I enjoyed working with people from various cultural and educational backgrounds. I certainly hope this experience will have prepared me for a future job in an NGO working for peace and cultural exchange."

Peace Boat Intern Nael Aoun
Nael Aoun

"I was born and raised in Lebanon. I am currently finishing a PhD in Sustainability Science in Japan. I study malnutrition in Rwanda. Given my original background in engineering and having previously worked on renewable energies, I decided to join Peace Boat's Ecoship program as an intern. Through this internship I learned new knowledge about Blue Carbon and the shipping industry, and how shipping companies are innovating to reduce their carbon footprint. I am grateful to Peace Boat staff for this opportunity."

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