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Sep 22, 2016 - Accepting Participants for Global University in November 2016! Globalization, Human Rights and Peace: Latin American Perspectives
Peace Boat is pleased to announce a 9-day Global University Programme to be held from Panama to Mexico; the first of its kind to be held in the Latin American segment.

Peace Boatfs Global University will organise a 9-day programme from 31 October to 8 November 2016 during its 92nd Global Voyage. This programme will bring together 10-20 students and young professionals and academics from around the world to learn about gglobalizationh and its consequences, particularly through the lens of Latin American history, environmental crises, and conflict and peace in the region. Combining lectures, discussions, and workshops, this programme will give participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with international experts, atomic-bomb survivors and young activists, and critically analyse the history of globalization and future challenges.

Monday 31 October-Tuesday 8 November, 2016 [9days]
*Programme starts in Cristobal (Panama) and ends in Manzanillo (Mexico)

Cristobal (Panama) ~ Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala) ~ Manzanillo (Mexico)

Pablo Romo Cedano, Ph.D. | Human Rights Activist

Programme cost
JPY 99,720
This includes programme and tuition costs, including accommodation and food costs throughout the programme onboard Peace Boat.
*Separate charges will be incurred as follows: 4,500 yen for onboard tips and 5,400 yen for port charges.
*The cost above does not include transportation (e.g., flights) to Cristobal and from Manzanillo.
*Participants are required to obtain visas needed to join the travel programme at their own cost and responsibility.

Please download the brochure for more details: DOWNLOAD BROCHURE HERE

To apply, please download the application form HERE

What is Global University?

Global University is a peace education programme which takes place at sea during Peace Boat's Global Voyages. The Global University offers a unique curriculum combining "exposure" programmes (field visits) in ports and workshops and seminars onboard, addressing a range of global issues, including but not limited to, peace, human rights, and the environment. The Global University Programme aims to nurture future leaders by equipping them with the knowledge, means and experience to actively engage in the third sector such as non-government organizations, international bodies and local activism.

Global University offers a short-term intensive program in English, targeting students and young leaders from across the world. Throughout the programme, participants will have opportunities to witness first-hand what the consequences of global issues are for the people, countries and communities they are visiting. They will also have ample chance to exchange opinions and experiences with other participants and discuss concrete action plans they can engage in to affect change in the region and the world.

One or two guest educators usually accompany the programme to facilitate participants' learning. Educators are experts from academic institutions, international organisations, and/or NGOs and NPOs.

(The November programme above is a pilot project for the Latin American segment, with selected components of the full-fledged Global University programmes that have taken place in the past in other regions. For programmes in other regions, please see HERE.)

Documents for download
92 SGU Latin ApplicationForm92 SGU Latin Pamphlet