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May 27, 2016 - Introducing Peace Boat's Interns, January - June 2016
Peace Boat is happy to introduce our current interns who have been supporting our activities in the first semester of 2016 while gaining hands on NGO experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange, and other areas. This year's interns come from very diverse backgrounds and we have been very fortunate to hear their stories and learn from them. (Seen below in alphabetical order by first name)

So far, our interns have already being involved in various Peace Boat activities such as the preparations for the departure and support of our 2016 East Asia Voyage - Spring 2016; the Open Ship Events and onboard Global Festival of Culture and Tourism held in April in the port of Yokohama Tokyo, Japan; our ongoing campaign for a nuclear power free energy policy in Japan; Peace Boat's Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World - Hibakusha Project; as well as research and other related work for future projects.

Interning with Peace Boat is a great way to experience working at an international NGO while in Japan, and get involved in the different activities carried out onboard, in Japan and in the different ports that Peace Boat visits. Applications for the 2016 July - December internship programme are now open. If you would like to get involved in Peace Boat activities and gain valuable experience in the NGO sector, send in your application now.

Watanabe Maari

Born in Japan. Maari studies English literature at university now, however, she has been interested in world politics, international relations etc. since she was at high school. Therefore she's planning to go to graduate school for opportunities to study those kinds of subjects after graduation from university. Also she really hopes for a humanitarian support related job like becoming an NGO staff member in the future. That's why she is joining the Peace Boat internship this term. Through this experience, she hopes to learn lots of things for the future, and of course contribute to Peace Boat's splendid activities. Currently Maari is preparing for the 9th "Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World - Peace Boat Hibakusha Project" as an intern.

Ito Sakiko

Born and raised in Japan, Sakiko goes to Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, and is majoring in international economics. Her interest in development economics led her to participate in the peace education programme "Global University" onboard Peace Boat. She had longed to travel abroad since she was a child and finally managed to go onboard Peace Boat from August to December 2015. She was looking forward to the trip around the world, but her main purpose onboard was to learn, rather than do lots of sightseeing. Through taking the Global University programme she came to believe that the activities of civil society organisations like NGOs are essential in solving social problems, so she decided to take part in an internship at Peace Boat.

Sugiyama Tomohiko

Tomohiko is a fourth year student at Waseda University. Having been born in Colombia to a Colombian mother and a Japanese father, cultural diversity is nothing new to him. He attended a Japanese school located in Colombia, transferred to a Colombian middle school and finished his high school education in Canada. Traveling abroad whilst mastering three different languages (Japanese, English and Spanish) has been a unique cultural and educational experience. Tomohiko has a strong interest in political science and cultural exchange, which has influenced his academic and personal life. He has volunteered and backpacked in various countries around the world. As an intern at Peace Boat, Tomohiko assists mainly in journalistic related topics and activities. During this internship, he hopes to contribute to the maximum and help Peace Boat achieve its goals.

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