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Apr 12, 2011 - Press Conference: April 18, 2011 - Peace Boat comes home with donation for quake victims, as Hibakusha intensify nuclear free call
(Tokyo, April 12, 2011) The 72nd Peace Boat Global Voyage for Peace, which which left Japan on January 23, 2011, will return to the port of Yokohama on Monday April 18, 2011.

The ship will return with funds that were collected by passengers during the Voyage in various ports of call around the world on behalf of those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake during the Voyage, as well as with thousands of handmade items donated by former tsunami victims of India to the people of Japan, and donations from NGOs in the Philippines.

Nine Hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who have been designated as Special Communicators for a World without Nuclear Weapons by the Japanese government, will also return with the ship. During the voyage, they worked with Tahitian former nuclear-test-site workers and Australian Aborigines protesting against uranium mining. They recognized themselves as Global Hibakusha victims of radiation of the nuclear age--and called for a nuclear-free world in the testimonies they shared with people in approximately 20 ports of call around the world.

At the press conference detailed below, Peace Boat will give a summary of the activities and outcomes of the 72nd Voyage. The Hibakusha will also speak about their achievements and perspectives after speaking at the UN in Geneva, participating in a nuclear-free conference for experts in the Middle East, and learning of the Fukushima nuclear crisis while away from home.

Date and Time:
Monday, April 18, 2011
Ship's ETA 1200hrs
- photo opportunity for ship's arrival into port from 1130hrs
- ship will enter port with large banner of messages to support quake sufferers
Press conference to start from 1400hrs (Passenger Terminal Meeting Room)

Yokohama Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal

In attendance:
Yoshioka Tatsuya, Director of Peace Boat
9 Hibakusha Participating in Peace Boat's 74th Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World, and others

Contact on the day of Press Conference: 090-9145-2864 (Watanabe Rika)

Passengers are scheduled to disembark the ship from 1300hrs. Persons interested in taking photographs/videos of disembarking passengers at the gangway must apply for permission beforehand to terminal authorities.
Please contact Rei Ueno of Peace Boat (see contact details above) by 12noon on Friday, April 15, 2011 regarding this permission if interested.