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Mar 21, 2016 - From children's picture exchange to peace in East Asia -
From February 13-15, 2016, the gFriendship Exhibition of North-South Korea and Japanh was held in Tokyo. This picture exhibition started in 2001 with aspirations for peace in the Northeast Asia region. This year commemorates the 15th such exhibition, and drawings by children from the Korean Peninsula, Japan and China were displayed, serving as an opportunity for mutual understanding through portraits of each other.

Peace Boat is a member of the event's principle organiser, the "Committee of Friendship Exhibition of North-South Korea and Japan" and has cooperated with it for various events.

Towards a visible relationship
The exhibition hall was filled with life size portraits of children from Japan, both Koreas and China, under the exhibition theme "Let's greet friends in East Asia." It also displayed individual pictures gathered under the theme of "My Favourites."

The picture below right was drawn by a boy residing in Japan and it depicts a train that runs from Japan to various locations in East Asia, connecting cities such as Tokyo, Pyongyang, Yanji, Busan, and Mt Paektu. A visitor to the exhibition stated, "the fact all the passengers look happy has made an impression on me. I think that by visiting each other's countries, we can have wonderful encounters and discoveries through which we can build friendships in East Asia."

The "Friendship Exhibition of North-South Korea and Japan" is held not only in Japan but also in Seoul (Republic of Korea/South Korea) and Pyongyang (DPRK/North Korea). This project has served as a platform for building relationships, through which one can discover the faces of individuals residing in the respective areas.

Peace Boat's participation in this initiative is part of its commitment to grassroots diplomacy towards building positive relations in the Northeast Asian region.

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