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Dec 15, 2015 - YMCA x Peace Boat - Disaster Risk Reduction workshop at Camp Climate, Paris
Building Resilient Communities: Young People and Disaster Risk Reduction workshop
As part of its activities at the Paris Climate Change Conference, the 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (known as COP 21), Peace Boat conducted a workshop at "Camp Climate", YMCA's programme for young leaders taking place concurrently.

The workshop, themed "Building Resilient Communities: Young People and Disaster Risk Reduction", explored the linkages between climate change and disasters, and focused on the role of youth in building resilience.

Participants share how climate change and disasters are impacting their communities
Participants came from all over the world, including Cape Verde, Tanzania and Norway. Throughout the workshop, jointly facilitated by Peace Boat's international coordinator for disaster risk reduction Robin Lewis and Romulo Dantas (Executive Secretary, Youth Empowerment, YMCA), the young leaders shared experiences of disasters in their home countries, and discussed ways in which young people can make an impact in both disaster response and disaster risk reduction.

This workshop was part of an ongoing partnership between the YMCA and Peace Boat
Climate change is bringing about many challenges for communities globally, from increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events to desertification and droughts. The group of YMCA youths expressed their determination to make an impact through advocacy and awareness raising of disaster risk reduction going forward.

This workshop was part of an ongoing cooperation between the World Alliance of YMCAs and Peace Boat formalized in 2015, working together for youth empowerment, peace and stability in joint projects both onboard Peace Boat's regional and global voyages and at other opportunities both locally and globally.

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