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Dec 3, 2015 - Peace Boat is at COP 21 in Paris...and introducing our Ecoship

A Peace Boat delegation is currently at the Paris Climate Change Conference, the 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (known as COP 21). The delegation consists of Peace Boat Director and Co-Founder Yoshioka Tatsuya, Ecoship Project International Coordinator Maria de la Fuente and Disaster Risk Reduction and Resiliency International Coordinator Robin Lewis.

With the world looking anxiously on at this critical turning point for our planet, Peace Boat is adding our voice to that of civil society around the world in calling for climate justice, policies to deal with the associated challenges and concrete agreements to advance action on climate change.

At the same time, seeking to contribute to the Agenda of Solutions and the need for civil society, NGOs and businesses to generate momentum towards a low carbon economy, Peace Boat is announcing our Ecoship Project, which will build the world's greenest cruise ship to carry out the Peace Boat voyages from 2020.

The plans for this whole-system, future-ready 55,000 ton cruise ship have been developed by a world-class team of over 30 engineers, scientists and thinkers from the fields of ship-building and cutting-edge eco-technology (including renewable energy, architecture, biophilia and waste management).

With a stunning hull form inspired by the whale, the vessel's ecologically friendly features include 10 retractable solar-panelled sails and retractable wind generators; as well as a future-ready hybrid engine. Together with its projected cuts of CO2 emissions and impressive energy efficiency, Peace Boat’s Ecoship will be the flagship for green technology in passenger shipping, hosting exhibitions of green technology in up to 80 ports per year; serving as a floating sustainability laboratory able to contribute to research on the ocean, climate and green marine tech; while also continuing and expanding our educational and advocacy programs for peace and sustainability onboard and in port.

With the support of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policy (ISEP) we will be holding a Press Briefing on Saturday, December 5 at 11:30am in Press Room 3, Media Centre, Le Bourget (COP 21). This will be webcast live at and viewable later on demand.

The global shipping industry is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. While the cruise industry represents only a tiny fraction of world shipping, its visibility has the greatest potential to raise awareness and effect change. In this spirit we are launching our Ecoship: a ship that will embody in both its form and its activities a vision for a climate-friendly future.

Invitation to the Press Briefing
Press Release on Ecoship: The World's Greenest Cruise Ship will Sail in 2020

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