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Feb 27, 2015 - Brazilian Youth to Join Peace Boat in Promoting Friendship in East Asia
Peace Boat Director Yoshioka Tatsuya and Head Consul Marco Farani awarded Rafaella Kaori Assato and Beatriz Hanashiro scholarships to join Peace Boat's East Asia spring voyage.
At a small ceremony in which their parents looked on proudly, Rafaella Kaori Assato, 16 and Beatriz Hanashiro, 17, were congratulated by Peace Boat Director Yoshioka Tatsuya and Head Consul Marco Farani of the Brazil Consulate in Tokyo for being chosen to join Peace Boat's East Asia regional voyage this spring as part of a special joint project launched last year to support to the Brazilian community in Japan.

Rafaella and Beatriz, both of whom are high school students at Brazilian schools in Japan, were chosen based on excellent essays they wrote on the topic of 120 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Brazil. Both young women said they were excited to join Peace Boat's 14-day voyage, which will take them to Okinawa, Korea, Taiwan and Hiroshima for special study and exchange programs.

The East Asia voyage will give nearly 1,000 people the opportunity to form new ties of friendship across borders
Yoshioka noted that 2015 marks the 70th anniversary since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the study program to Hiroshima will be an especially important part of their voyage experience-- but he also encouraged the girls to have fun making friends with the nearly 1,000 people who will be on the voyage, including 60 YMCA youth from around the world.

Head Consul Marco Farani and the parents of Beatriz and Rafaella, who work in factories in Japan, agreed that it's important to give Brazilian youth in Japan more international and educational opportunities in order to broad their future horizons, and said joining a Peace Boat voyage greatly helps to support this goal. Click here for more information about Peace Boat's East Asia 2015 Spring Voyage
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