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Sep 12, 2014 - Facing the Fallout: Peace Boat accompanies former PM Kan Naoto on Speaking Tour of Australia
As part of our ongoing activities to raise awareness of the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster and promote an energy shift in Japan and worldwide, Peace Boat assisted the coordination of a speaking tour of Australia by former Japanese Prime Minister Kan Naoto in August, 2014.
Mr Kan was Prime Minister when the Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis began in March 2011. He was forced to consider a full scale evacuation of Tokyo in response to the unfolding emergency and subsequently made the decision to shut down all of Japan's nuclear reactors. Having introduced a Feed-In Tariff as one of his last acts in Government, Mr Kan is now a vocal advocate of moving away from nuclear power to renewable energy sources.

Mr Kan's national speaking tour of Australia between August 22-29, 2014, included addressing public events in Darwin, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and Townsville; meeting with Aboriginal Traditional Owners and visiting the Ranger uranium mine in the Northern Territory, visiting renewable energy projects in Western Australia, and meeting with state and federal members of parliament to discuss Australia's uranium trade.

Australia is home to around 35% of the world's uranium resource and in October 2011 the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO) confirmed Fukushima nuclear crisis was directly fuelled by uranium from Australia.

The Facing the Fallout speaking tour provided a timely reminder of the dangers of the nuclear fuel chain, and the urgent need for both Australia and Japan to face up to their nuclear responsibilities. It was organised by a group of Australian civil society organisations including environmental, indigenous, public health and other community groups. Peace Boat played a coordinating role on the Japanese organising side, and International Coordinator Meri Joyce accompanied the programme as interpreter.

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A pamphlet outlining the Fukushima disaster and current energy situation in Japan created by Peace Boat for this occasion is available online here (PDF).

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