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Sep 7, 2014 - Peace Initiative «Year of Cyprus 2014» welcomes Peace Boat
Peace Boat's vessel, the Ocean Dream, arrived on Sunday 7th to the port of Piraeus, Greece, where it was welcomed by a delegation from the Peace Initiative «Year of Cyprus 2014».

Peace Boat's vessel is traveling around the world with its message of peace and a nuclear weapon free world. Among the 1000 passengers, are citizens of Hiroshima & Nagasaki as well as Japanese activists who are making an international campaign for the abolition of nuclear weapons and in defense of article 9 of the Japanese constitution that renounces war and the use or threat of force to resolve international disputes. After Piraeus, Peace Boat, will visit Istanbul and from there will sail to the Black Sea ports of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine (Odessa) and Russia.

From Piraeus to Istanbul a group of 6 members made up of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot young people, will join the ship to participate in a special programme onboard and to share – in relevant events on board – to the participants of the vessel about the Cyprus situation and the efforts to achieve peace and re-unification in Cyprus.

Receiving the Peace Boat was the Mayor of Piraeus Giannis Moralis, the deputy-chairman of the Attica Prefecture Giorgos Gavrilis, and many organizations and peace initiatives. The main slogans at the reception meeting were for the abolition of nuclear weapons, against the war in Gaza and Ukraine, and in favour of Peace and Re-unification in Cyprus. A Cypriot folklore dance group also performed during the event.

Actress and MP Mania Papadimitriou read a joint declaration signed by Peace Boat and local organizations including: the Acropolis Appeal for Peace, Life and Civilization, the Observatory of International Organizations and Globalization (PADOP), the IPPNW/Greek affiliate, the Initiative "Year of Cyprus 2014", the United Cyprus Platform of overseas Cypriots, the Federation of Cypriot Organizations in Greece – OKOE, the Turkish Cypriot KIBES of Istanbul and the Anti-Racist Citizens Movement. The declaration includes a call for the full abolition of nuclear weapons, in support of article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the end of hostilities in Ukraine, the end of the war in Gaza and the establishment of a Palestinian state, and for Peace and Re-unification of Cyprus, so that it becomes a bridge of peace and co-operation in the troubled Eastern Mediterranean.

A similar reception will take place in Istanbul organized by the Global Peace & Justice Coalition, the Nazim Hikmet foundation and the Turkish Cypriot KIBES.
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Piraeus Joint Declaration 84th Voyage