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Aug 28, 2014 - Progress Report - Peace Boat's Campaign to Build a Soccer Field for Street Children in Brazil
Peace Ball volunteers help gather donations on a sidewalk in Japan
Peace Ball World Cup Campaign 2014

Having organized exchange through sports opportunities and delivered soccer balls and footwear to children and communities around the world, the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil prompted Peace Boat's Peace Ball Project to launch a campaign to help build a soccer field for street children in Rio de Janeiro. Through crowdfunding and the receipt of direct donations, Peace Boat is pleased to report that sufficient funds were raised to carry out the field's construction.

Using the japanese crowdfunding platform "Ready For?", Peace Ball's campaign raised a total of 1,415,000 Japanese yen (approximately 14,000 US dollars) between May 26 and August 14 of 2014. Peace Boat would like to take this opportunity to thank the 181 people who donated to the online campaign, as well as those who donated through other avenues and who helped us to raise awareness of this campaign.

In November of 2014, Peace Boat's 86th Global Voyage for Peace will set sail from Japan and arrive in Rio de Janeiro in January of 2015. There, participants will have the opportunity to visit the newly constructed field on the grounds of Sao Martinho, a charitable organization and local Peace Boat partner that works to protect street children in the city.

Peace Boat will continue to provide updates about this project in the future, and deeply appreciates the support it has received.
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