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Jul 17, 2014 - Gaza - Japan based NGOs urge for immediate ceasefire
Deeply concerned about the growing number of civilian casualties that have resulted from recent Israeli military attacks on Gaza, Peace Boat and 10 other NGOs in Japan recently sent an appeal for a ceasefire to the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo. Initiated by the Israeli army on July 8, 2014, more that 200 people in Gaza have been killed in the violence, over 1,000 injured, and thousands have fled their homes under the threat of attack. Close to 80 percent of the dead have been innocent civilians, including at least 40 children as of July 17, 2014.

In the joint letter, the NGOs pointed out that it constitutes a war crime to attack civilian residences, and cannot be justified in any circumstance. They urged the Israeli government to protect civilians in the Gaza strip under international human rights and humanitarian laws. They also called for humanitarian relief organizations and humanitarian aid goods, including medical and food supply, to be permitted to enter Gaza without delay.

For the full text of the letter, click here.
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