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Jun 15, 2014 - Peace Boat participates in International Peace Boat Event Sarajevo 2014!

Over 2500 participants at the international Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 – Peace Boat took part in it!

The international peace conference, Peace Event Sarajevo 2104, took place place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina between June 6-9, 2014, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, and the abolition of all wars and militarism in both local and international politics.

"We have to counter the threat of war in the world more intensely and commonly, and we have to interfere in the mankind question about 'war and peace' with much more energy and more international actions." This was the unique voice of all participants of the Peace Event in 2014, where Peace Boat was actively present with its Article 9 campaign and peace education programmes.

More than 2500 participants from 32 countries were engaged in five round tables, 190 workshops, a large youth camp, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and other cultural events.

The event was attended by well-known international and local guests, sharing the common concern for peace in increasingly threatening international confrontations, but also the certainty that non-violent peaceful solutions to conflicts are possible, and in fact are the only way to avoid war. "Let Sarajevo, where peace ended, be the starting point for the bold beginning of a universal call for peace through the wholesale abolition of militarism", said Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, in her opening speech. Or as Ingeborg Breines from the International Peace Bureau put it: "without non-violent actions it will just not work."

Noam Chomsky, philosopher and political activist, and Chico Whitaker, Brazilian politician and social activist, also sent video messages in support.

All discussions were held in an atmosphere of great solidarity, mutual respect, understanding and learning from one other. Alternatives to militarism, war machines and war industry were discussed intensively. Many considerations for joint activities, including particularly in 2015 (70 years after the end of World War II), another international women's conference, actions for peace in Syria, protests against the threat of war in Europe, and an international campaign for the reduction of military spending were discussed at the Peace Assembly, which was the closing plenary of the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014.

See the official homepage here: Peace Event Sarajevo 2014
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