Soap by Sea: A Peace Boat & LUSH Partnership for Public Health
Since 2014, Peace Boat has collaborated with the fresh handmade cosmetics retailer Lush to deliver cosmetic supplies such as soap and shampoo to communities around the world. The "Soap by Sea: A Peace Boat & LUSH Partnership for Public Health" Project was launched on Peace Boat's 83rd Global Voyage, which departed from Japan in March 2014.

During Peace Boat voyages, participants have the opportunity to meet many communities which have been affected by conflict or disasters, or children who are in situations of difficulty, for example having to live apart from their families for economic reasons, or unable to attend school. Through coordination with local NGOs and community based organizations, Peace Boat and Lush Japan deliver necessities such as soap and shampoo to such locations, providing support for their everyday lives. The donations are used for public health and hygiene awareness raising and education programmes conducted by local community based organizations.

Founded in the United Kingdom, Lush has since its inception been motivated by innovation and an ethical mind. Its products use the freshest ingredients, be they organic fruits and vegetables, high quality herbs, or flowers and essential oils. Furthermore, Lush campaigns for a society in which mankind, animals and nature can coexist sustainably. With a strict, no animal testing policy and products suitable for vegetarians and vegans, these values are visible in the company's products. Lush supports fair trade, community trade and sustainable farming initiatives all over the world, and its shops are seen as 'Centres for Change', carrying out many campaigns to raise awareness on a variety of social issues.

The partnership between Peace Boat and Lush Japan works to together deliver Lush products to parts of the world where they are needed, and at the same time create a worldwide alliance to effect positive change in our societies.

Details about the project, and donations of Lush items to communities around the world, can be seen below.

At a rehabilitation centre for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

83rd Global Voyage (March-June, 2014): 13,000 soaps and body shampoos total

  • Aqaba, Jordan: 6000 soaps and body shampoos

    Delivered to a hospital and rehabilitation centre in Irbid, northern Jordan, and the Zaatari refugee camp, the largest camp for refugees from Syria in Jordan
  • Callao, Peru: 7000 soap bars

    Shared with MANTHOC (Movimiento de Adolescentes y Niños Trabajadores Hijos de Obreros Cristianos, translated as 'Movement of the Working Youth, Children of the Christian Working Class'), an organisation which fights labour exploitation and supports working children and adolescents.

A child in a Nicaraguan village.

84th Global Voyage (July-October, 2014): 760 items total

  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia: 80 items

    Donated to the NGO Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA), which supports vocational training for women with disabilities, and M'Lop Tapang, an organization which supports street children
  • Aqaba, Jordan: 50 items

    Facility for people with disabilities
  • Burgas, Bulgaria: 30 items

    Kindergarten which cares for children whose parents both work
  • Belem, Brazil: 50 sets

    Donated to Emmaus Republic, an organization which supports children in vulnerable situations such as those living on the streets
  • Corinto, Nicaragua: 500 soaps and body soaps

    Donated to community organizations visited as part of Peace Boat study and exchange programmes, with the cooperation of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Cristobal, Panama: 50 items

    Indigenous Kuna community.

    Community cleaning volunteers in Mozambique.

    86th Global Voyage (November 2014 - March 2015): 535 soaps, 24 large block soaps

  • Toamasina, Madagascar: 75 items
    SOS Children's Village, which supports local children affected by poverty

  • Maputo, Mozambique: 160 items
    Local nursery and street cleaning volunteers through the “IVERCA” which supports local community organizations (150); and ADPP, an organization which operates a school for local children (10 block soaps)

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 50 soaps and 14 large block soaps
    Sao Martinho which supports education and life support for youth living in favelas and street children (7 large block soaps)
    50 soaps / 7 block soaps to Afroreggae, which supports children to break out from poverty through music, dance and art

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 50 soaps
    Ecovillage Gaia Association.

  • Callao, Peru: 160 items
    NGO "INFANT" Instituto de Formacion de Adolescentes y Ninos Trabajadores in Iquitos, Peru (translation: Institution for Training Working Adolescents and Children) - 60 soaps
    MANTHOC: 100 soaps

  • Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile: 50 items
    NGO Toki and elementary school, Colegio Lorenzo Baeza Vega

    Street children in St Petersburg.

    87th Global Voyage (April- July, 2015): total 1880 bars of soap and bottles of body wash

  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia: 100 bars of soap
    Physical Rehabilitation Center of Siem Reap (PRC), which makes prosthetics for landmine survivors (80 bars). Angkor Association for the Disabled, which aids landmine survivors (20 bars)

  • Kochi, India: 160 bars
    50 to Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan Kochi, a shelter for street children
    30 to Vimalalayam Women Welfare Centre, which supports women in creating a better life

  • St Petersburg, Russia: 200 bars of soap
    Doctors to Children which is a group that aids street children.

  • La Guaira, Venezuela: total of 1000 bars of soap
    500 to both Fundacion Simon Rodriguez and Grupo de Madera, civic groups in Caracas aiding people living in poverty

  • Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala: total of 500 bars of soap
    150 to 'Akairos', a group that cares for women and the elderly
    150 to 'Nuestros Ahijados' which gives aid to children and poor families
    200 to a Mayan community

    NGO Children of a Dream in Madagascar.

    90th Global Voyage (December 2015 - March 2016): 1604 bars of soap and 6 blocks of soap (15kg)

  • Da Nang, Vietnam: 300 bars of soap
    To 'DAVA', a group that supports survivors of defoliants sprayed by the US military during the Viet Nam War

  • Sihanoukville, Cambodia: a total of 180 bars of soap
    50 to 'Angkor Association for the Disabled'
    80 to an elementary school in Sna Pha Ek Village, where Peace Boat supported landmine clearance
    50 to Physical Rehabilitation Center of Siem Reap (PRC)

  • Port Louis, Mauritius: 100 bars of soap
    To NGO 'Children of a Dream' which provides aid to children living in poverty

  • Ehoala, Madagascar: 200 bars of soap
    100 to NGO 'SOS Children's Village' which works to protect children's rights
    100 to 'Azafady', an NGO that aids children living in remote areas that aren't able to attend school

  • Maputo, Mozambique: 129 bars of soap and two large blocks
    125 bars of soap and two 15 kg blocks of soap to NGO 'DAMBO' which works to improve sanitation
    Four blocks of soap to NGO 'ADPP' which runs a school for the local children

  • Cape Town, South Africa: 102 bars of soap
    Delivered to NGO 'Ikhaya leLanga,' which is working to resolve social issues through urban development in the poorest parts of town

  • Walvis Bay, Namibia: 28 bars of soap
    To a public elementary school and a privately owned day care center within the township

  • Valparaiso, Chile: 329 bars of soap
    To TAC (Taller de Accion Comunitaria), a group working towards creating a better living environment for those living in slums

  • Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile: 240 bars of soap
    120 to 'Colegio Hermano Eugenio Eyraud' a municipal elementary school
    120 to the sole NGO on the island, 'Toki'

    Soap for the Cambodian Handicraft Association.

    92nd Global Voyage (August 18 - December 9, 2016)

  • Kochi, India: Donated to the Vimala Welfare Centre, a centre which exists to meet the basic needs of marginalized women by promoting economic and educational programmes.

  • Siem Reap, Cambodia: to the NGO Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA), which supports vocational training for women with disabilities; the Physical Rehabilitation Center of Siem Reap (PRC), which makes prosthetics for landmine survivors; and a local primary school in Sna Pha Ek Village, which was constructed following Peace Boat's support of landmine clearance in the area.

  • Cristobal, Panama: Given to the Kuna Authority, an indigenous community with whom Peace Boat has had a long partnership.

  • Manzanillo, Mexico: To the House of Angels, a home for disadvantaged and orphaned children between the ages of 2-18, many of whom have experienced domestic violence, neglect or abuse.