Peace & Green Boat 2013 Asian Regional Voyage (85th Voyage)

Since 2005, Peace Boat has collaborated with Korea's largest environmental NGO, the Green Foundation, in order to build new bridges between Japan and Korea, and a peaceful, sustainable future for East Asia, through the organization of "Peace & Green Boat" short voyages exploring the region. This October, the sixth such voyage will be held, with around 500 participants from Japan and from Korea taking part.

This year's Peace & Green Boat, Peace Boat's 85th Voyage, will travel through the East China Sea, the site of territorial disputes now faced by Japan, Korea and China, and visit the ports of Hakata, Busan, Taiwan, Okinawa and Shanghai. The voyage will focus on Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution as a regional peace and security mechanism for East Asia, historical recognition issues and reconciliation, violence against women during conflict and the Japanese Military "Comfort Women," and the shift from nuclear to renewable, sustainable energy, and more.

These themes will be discussed through various symposiums and workshops held onboard the ship, in combination with study tours and actions for a peaceful and sustainable East Asian society to be held in ports in partnership with local peacebuilders.

The voyage will visit Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Okinawa and mainland China between October 18-28, 2013.

Programmes will be carried out in Japanese and Korean.

The voyage departure press release is available here.

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