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Apr 4, 2014 - Changing Lives One Violin At a Time
Kolwane Mantu of Soweto founded the African Youth Ensemble to share his love of music and to help bring hope and stability to the lives of young people.
Peace Boat and the African Youth Ensemble (AYE) are pleased to report that they will work together on Peace Boat's 86th Global Voyage to collect musical instruments for young people in Soweto, and to give young AYE musicians the chance to travel with Peace Boat and gain international skills.

With the support of musical instruments collected by Peace Boat since 1999, the African Youth Ensemble has grown from a small music project to a highly successful program that provides free music education to nearly 200 young people in Soweto. The program has not only helped to produce highly skilled professional musicians, it has helped to create a safe, positive community for young people that insulates them from issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDs, and teenage pregnancy.

For a photo report of Peace Boat and the African Youth Ensemble's joint activities and to learn how to donate musical instruments or help support a young AYE musician, see Changing Lives one Violin at a Time

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