Peace Boat's 84th Global Voyage (Jul-Oct 2014)

Peace Boat's 84th Global Voyage departed from Yokohama, Japan on 9 July 2014, and returned on 21 October 2014, covering an east-bound route. The voyage visited unique ports such as Belem (Brazil), also known as the gate to the Amazon; Sochi, Odessa, Constanza and Bourgas in the Black Sea; and Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The onboard programme allowed participants to learn about a diverse number of issues and regions around the world, with the main topics being peacebuilding and post-war reconciliation processes, environmental conservation and sustainability, and poverty and social justice.

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PHOTOS: Kameda Ulala, Kato Tatsuya, Kajiura Takashi, Masagaki Naoto, Mizumoto Shunya, Nakamura Mitsutoshi, Nakamura Ryo, Malta Tourism Agency, PEACE BOAT
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