Peace Boat's 83rd Global Voyage (Mar-Jun 2014)

Peace Boat's 83rd Global Voyage departed from Yokohama on 13 March 2014, and returned to Japan on 24 June 2014 covering a north and south hemisphere route including visits to Sri Lanka, Jordan, Greece, Morocco, Venezuela, Peru, Tahiti and Hawai'i. This voyage also marked Peace Boat's first visit to Brunei and Montenegro.

+ Exchange and Study Programmes in Port
+ Guest Educators
+ Peace Boat Hibakusha Project - Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World onboard the 83rd Voyage

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PHOTO: Chiga Kenji, Kataoka Kazushi, Kato Tetsuya, Masagaki Naoto, Mizumoto Syunya, Nakamura Mitsutoshi, Nakamura Ryo, and PEACE BOAT
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