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Peace Boat's language training programme, is now accepting applications for English and Spanish language teachers for the 96th/97th global voyage.
Learning languages on Peace Boat - the GET Programme
Given the wealth of opportunities that Peace Boat participants have to interact with people from around the world, it is important that they are equipped with the language skills necessary to make that interaction as fulfilling and meaningful as possible. To meet this need, both English and Spanish language classes are offered on each Peace Boat voyage; these being two of the most widely spoken languages of communication on the regular routes. Previous voyages have also seen classes in Russian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, French, Portuguese, Korean, and even Swahili.

Peace Boat's onboard language programme is known as GET (Global English / Espanol Training). GET is a communication-based programme that aims to improve students' communicative ability and instill confidence in using English and/or Spanish through a dynamic combination of onboard classroom study, language based events and activities, and exchange programmes in ports of call. Furthermore, the GET Programme embraces the concept of Global Language - language as it is used daily around the world as a tool of communication between people from different cultures and countries. For teachers, the programme offers the opportunity to work with a great deal of autonomy, using their creativity both in and out of the classroom while enjoying the unique experience that is Peace Boat.
Who studies languages on Peace Boat?
A significant proportion of participants on board Peace Boat join the language programme. There is a representative cross-section of ages, coming from all walks of life. Some have studied English and/or Spanish extensively, while others are tackling the language for the first time. Motivations for studying and individual goals for language learning are equally diverse.
Teaching positions onboard Peace Boat
Teachers for the onboard programme are recruited by GET Universal Co. Ltd. There are between 8-12 positions available on board each voyage, depending on student enrollment numbers. The language teaching positions are on a volunteer basis, so there is no salary. However the participation fee for the voyage, which covers meals and accommodation on board, and port taxes are all covered by GET Universal Co. Ltd. For a detailed information/application pack please download here.
English language teacher applicants should fulfill the following requirements:
  • Have at least 18-months of relevant full-time English language teaching experience.
  • Be a highly advanced speaker of English - it is not necessary to be a 'native' or 'first-language' speaker.
  • Have experience or a definite interest in the areas of peace and global education in language teaching.
  • *Applicants with the following will be looked upon favourably: Qualification(s) in English language teaching; Conversational Japanese ability; Multiple language teaching ability.

How to apply
You can download the information pack here: Click here to download.

Peace Boat's language training programme, is now accepting applications for English and Spanish language teachers for the 96th/97th global voyage. You must be available for the entire duration of the itineraries for the 96th voyage AND the 97th voyage, that is, from January 8 until April 23, 2018. You must also be able to participate in the orientation which is scheduled to begin around one week prior to the departure of the first voyage. While we will accept applications for only one of the voyages, applicants who are available for the combined duration of both voyages will be given priority. The Volunteer Language Teacher application deadline has been extended to 17:00 JST (Japan Standard Time) on Thursday, September 14, 2017. National interviews are now scheduled to be held on September 30 and October 1 (Saturday and Sunday) at the GET Office in Tokyo, Japan. Interviews for oversees applicants will be conducted via Skype between September 25-29, 2017.

For other inquiries please contact us at the address below, or send us a message here.

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