Procedures for joining a Peace Boat Voyage
In order to carry out our travel activities in accordance with the requirements of Japanese law, Peace Boat has signed a partnership agreement with a travel agent, Japan Grace Co., Ltd. Japan Grace underwrites, manages and administrates the Peace Boat voyages and is the travel service provider, while Peace Boat coordinates the contents of educational and cultural activities onboard and optional exchange/study programmes in ports. Peace Boat funds its activities on a non-profit, self sustainable basis through participants paying to join our voyages, and all income generated by Japan Grace in relation to the Peace Boat voyages is re-injected into Peace Boat activities.

The basic cost for a Peace Boat voyage includes all meals and accommodation onboard, as well as access to all open lectures, workshops and other educational and cultural activities held onboard. Anyone with valid travel documentation is welcome to apply to join a Peace Boat voyage. Participants' passports must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of the end of the voyage, and each participant is responsible for both applying and holding the requisite visas for all countries visited.

While most Global Voyages depart from Yokohama and arrive back to Yokohama, we do offer tailored trips for participants who wish to join for segments longer than 10 days depending on the voyage and availability. The cost of the onboard fee for a tailored segment will be on a pro-rate basis and quotes can be given on request.

To sign up for a Peace Boat Voyage, please follow the procedures below:

  • Step 1. Contact Peace Boat at participate(a) to enquire about availability and other information for the voyage you are interested in joining. When making a request for a tailored segment please indicate the port of embarkation and disembarkation of your interest. At this point, you will be provided with a quote for your voyage from Peace Boat's registered travel agency Japan Grace Co. Ltd.

  • Step 2. Once availability has been confirmed, fill up a registration form for the voyage, which should be submitted by fax or email together with a copy of the identification pages of your valid passport. If you wish to apply for financial aid through the Global Friendship Award (available for Global Voyages only), please also send the Global Friendship Award Application Form and application essay.

  • Step 3. Upon registration, Japan Grace, Peace Boat's partner travel agent, will issue an invoice indicating the cost of your voyage fare (plus port charges and tips) and the required deposit to secure booking. Payment information (local or international bank transfer) will be provided to you at this stage, and the balance must be paid at least one month before your departure.
    Early bird discounts are available for those persons who deposit/pay the full voyage fare in advance, please consult for details.

  • Step 4. The next step is for participants to apply for all required visas for their voyage. Upon request, Japan Grace, Peace Boat's partner travel agent, is able to provide information relating to necessary travel documents according to your nationality. Conditions differ according to itineraries, so please contact us for specific port details. We also require that you obtain a comprehensive travel insurance policy covering the time you will be onboard.

  • Step 5. In each port of call, Peace Boat and Japan Grace organize optional tours including study, exchange and sightseeing programmes. The optional tour information will be sent approximately three months prior to the start of the voyage and you are welcome to apply for any in port programmes at this stage. Please note that optional tour programmes are not included in the passage fare and are subject to availability.

  • Step 6. Participants are responsible for organizing their own travel arrangements to their point of embarkation and from the port where they disembark the ship. Our international staff will be ready to welcome you onboard the ship upon arrival!
A Peace Boat staff member will be in contact with you throughout all of these stages to facilitate communications with Japan Grace, to ensure that preparations for joining the voyage can be made as smoothly as possible, and to help prepare you for life onboard. .