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Peace Boat’s 54th Global Voyage for Peace, departing from Yokohama, Japan on July 21st, 2006 and returning on October 30th, 2006, will take a northern hemisphere course around the earth, passing through the Suez and Panama Canals, and calling on a diversity of ports including Viet Nam, India, Morocco, Colombia and the US.

Peace Boat’s 54th Voyage program will focus on and work closely with people building peace in a variety of ways, including the process of healing and rebuilding in post-conflict societies, identifying and preventing future conflict, and addressing structural violence affecting communities such as poverty and degradation of the environment.
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Bioregionalism for a Sustainable Future – Peter Berg
Peter Berg, an ecologist and founder of the Planet Drum Foundation (established in 1973), came onboard Peace Boat from Acapulco, Mexico until San Francisco, USA. He explained “bioregionalism” to participants, a term he coined in the early 1970s. He described this concept as follows. >>read more
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arrow October 19, 2006
Global University Unit Two – Independence and Demilitarization of Hawai’i
arrow October 11, 2006
Peace Revolution – A Celebration of Peace and Social Justice Initiatives
arrow September 3, 2006
Global University Program Unit One – Understanding the Former - Yugoslavia
arrow August 29, 2006
Global Kids
arrow July 22, 2006
54th Voyage Web Reporter Profile
arrow July 22, 2006
Departure: Rain and Shine
arrow October 19, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii – Please see "Special – Global University Unit Two"
arrow October 13, 2006
San Francisco, USA – Please see "Special – Peace Revolution" and "Life Onboard – Peter Berg"
arrow October 3, 2006
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala – Triunfo, Community Development after Civil War
arrow September 26, 2006
Montego Bay, Jamaica – Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club
arrow September 13, 2006
Casablanca, Morocco – Solidarite Femnine
arrow September 6, 2006
Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – Women in Black
arrow September 3, 2006
Dubrovnik, Croatia – Desa, for Women’s Empowerment in Transitional Croatia
arrow September 1, 2006
Piraeus, Greece – A Day of Healing
arrow August 26, 2006
Istanbul, Turkey – Cultural Exchange with Students of Bosphorous University
arrow August 21, 2006
Massawa, Eritrea – Unified Under a State of Emergency
arrow August 15, 2006
Mombasa, Kenya – Supporting the Children of Mtwapa
arrow August 7, 2006
Cochin, India – Experiencing the Kerala model
arrow July 28, 2006
Da Nang, Viet Nam – Giant Youth Exchange
arrow October 28, 2006
Cycling for Peace – Kazuki Taira
arrow October 15, 2006
"Rhombus" Community Music – Simon Rycroft and Thomas Voyce
arrow October 10, 2006
Bioregionalism for a Sustainable Future – Peter Berg
arrow October 10, 2006
Former US Marine Fights for Demilitarization – Allen Nelson
arrow October 9, 2006
Healing the Environment by Slowing Down – Atsushi Yoshioka
arrow September 19, 2006
In Pictures – Sports Day
arrow August 25, 2006
Art and Resistance in Palestine – Basel Nasr
arrow August 25, 2006
Conscientious Objector, Israel – Ilil Bartana
arrow August 25, 2006
International Students Programme Introduction
arrow August 25, 2006
Motivating the Youth in Transitional Bosnia – Luna Kalas
arrow August 24, 2006
Vladimir Milovanovic – Living Resistance in Serbia; Otpor!
arrow August 14, 2006
One Love in Rwanda – Gatera and Mami Rudasingwa
arrow August 6, 2006
India: Challenges of a Rising Nuclear Power – Admiral Ramu and Lalita Ramdas
arrow July 30, 2006
Imagination Muse – Interview with Kazuma Momoi
arrow July 28, 2006
What We've Learned from a Century of Landmines – Toshihiro Shimizu
arrow July 27, 2006
Tackling the History of the Atomic Bomb – Stephen Sotor
arrow July 24, 2006
Participants’ Voices: Why are you on Peace Boat?