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August 29, 2005 Peace Boat's Youth Ambassadors for Disarmament present their statement to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Youth Ambassadors, accompanied by Peace Boat staff, present their statement to Mr. Kiyoshi Serizawa of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (third from left)
Peace Boat’s 50th voyage – Peace and Green in Asia – saw the launch of a new programme “Youth Ambassadors for Disarmament.” In a programme planned together with anti-nuclear educator Dr. Kathleen Sullivan, seven youth activists from the declared Nuclear Weapons States of the UK, France, the US, Russia, China, Pakistan, and India joined the voyage in efforts to examine the effect of nuclear tensions on the region, address the potential of a nuclear free East Asia and develop ideas for a new anti-nuclear campaign.

Each “Ambassador” presented the situation of their own country in a lecture to participants onboard, and participated fully in the voyage programmes including meetings with both Japanese and Korean hibakusha. Their proposal – Steps to be made in the next decade for nuclear disarmament – was handed to Mr. Kiyoshi Serizawa, Director of Arms Control and Disarmament Division of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, August 29.
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Be brave, you are the carriers of history:
Steps to be made in the next decade for nuclear disarmament:

As a group of young people from 7 nuclear weapon states, we recognize the toll that this dependency has on our individual nations, and the one world we share. We believe that human beings can resolve their conflicts without war, and that we can build a peaceful future. The nuclear technology that has been developed through human ingenuity has outpaced our human capacity for control. We are a species that makes mistakes, and with nuclear weapons there is no room for error. But we can learn from the past and we can forgive our previous enemies and create a world that matches our potential for compassionate living and sharing. We believe that human security and moving beyond war is our next and rightful destiny.

Through transparency both governments and civil society can build trust and confidence for the process of disarmament. Through education about current nuclear dangers we can build political will, as well as creating a global norm against nuclear weapons that would make abolition permanent. We believe that if all people truly understood the threat and reality of nuclear terror there would be worldwide support for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, the US, Russia, UK, France and China have failed to live up to their obligations to disarm their nuclear arsenals according to Article VI of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. Not only have the official nuclear weapon states failed in their obligations, but India, Israel and Pakistan have developed nuclear weapons and the process of proliferation continues in countries such as North Korea. We are demanding that those countries with nuclear weapons begin the process of trust building and disarmament by daring to plan! From this moment forth, we demand that the following steps be made and the necessary plans be developed to achieve enduring nuclear disarmament in memory of the Hibakusha, on behalf of the people of this world and the future generations who are yet to come.
Steps to be taken in the next 2 years
  • Abandon first use policy
  • Take all nuclear weapons off high alert status and initiate steps for multilateral verification of de-alerting measures
  • Ratify and enter into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
  • Complete declarations of number and types of warheads and weapons usable fissile material
  • Begin negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in North-East Asia
  • Prohibit France and UK from nuclear sharing in the European Union
  • Withdrawal of US tactical weapons from Europe
  • Provision of assistance to those whose health has been affected by the processes of nuclear weapons’ use, manufacturing, research and testing — independent of national origin or location.
  • Stop research and development of space weapons
Dare to Plan (to be accomplished within 2 – 10 years)
  • Shut down and prohibit production of all weapons usable radioactive material
  • Shut down and clean-up of all nuclear weapons testing facilities (except for disarmament needs)
  • Stop research and development of anti-ballistic missiles and remove existing anti-ballistic missiles from deployment
  • Place all stocks of weapons usable fissile materials (not included in the states’ arsenals) under international safeguards
  • Transparent verification process of the public declarations on the number and types of warheads and weapons usable fissile material
  • Expansion of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones

By the 10th anniversary of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on 7 July 2006, establish an ad hoc working group at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva for the commencement of the Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Steps to be taken in the next 5 years
  • Establish a Nuclear Weapons Convention
  • Stop research and development of nuclear weapons
  • Stop allocating funds for research and development of nuclear weapons
  • Initiate a fund for nuclear disarmament, including research for clean-up technologies
Dare to Plan (to be accomplished within 5 – 10 years)
  • Stop modification and production of nuclear weapons
  • Stop allocating funds for the modification and production of nuclear weapons
  • Dismantlement and decommissioning of all nuclear weapons production sites.
  • Conversion of nuclear military industries and scientific enterprise for civilian purposes to satisfy human needs (except for disarmament needs)
  • Removal of all nuclear warheads from all nuclear weapons and the withdrawal of all delivery systems from deployment through multilateral monitoring of their storage under strict international control.

In order to save future generations from the scourge of war, countries must establish a new system of security based on collective security, through the assistance of the United Nations and the support of international law.

Steps to be taken in the next 10 years
  • Entry into force of the Nuclear Weapons Convention
  • Update nuclear accounts regarding nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons usable materials
  • Convert all nuclear weapons-usable materials into non-proliferating forms, isolate radioactive materials from the environment in order to prevent theft and proliferation
  • Establish an independent organization for the verification of disarmament processes that would oversee the achievement of nuclear disarmament in all its aspects
  • There should be explicit provision for verification by non-governmental parties, such as, citizen inspectors
  • Transparent reports on verification activities should be submitted to the United Nations annually.
  • Strict controls on and verification of all dual-use (nuclear and non-nuclear) items and technologies, such as cruise missiles and bombers
  • Clean-up the contamination arising from production and testing of nuclear warheads, delivery systems, weapons-usable materials, and related facilities
  • Creation of sound radioactive waste management policies and institutions, so that damage to environment and health of future generations may be as little affected as possible

Several of the 2, 5 and 10 year steps were adapted from the report “Achieving Enduring Nuclear Disarmament” published by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Takoma Park, Maryland (

Dare to Plan! This demand that nuclear weapon states research and publish their plans for the specific process of disarmament, was first introduced through the Abolition Now campaign (