Peace Boat carries out its main activities through a chartered passenger ship that travels the world on peace voyages. Three Global Voyages and one short Asian regional voyage are usually organized each year. The three-month Global Voyages are each joined by around 800 participants and visit between 15-20 countries.

The ship, as a neutral space beyond borders, becomes a floating peace village, encouraging a sense of community and enabling direct dialogue between those onboard and in the ports that we visit.

Our programmes, both onboard and in port, explore the main aspects of Peace Boat activity - peace, human rights, sustainability and respect for the environment - and aim to develop travel as a tool for peace and sustainability.
Current Voyage
Peace Boat's 95th Global Voyage for Peace will depart from Japan on August 13 and will return to Japan on November 25, 2017. During three and a half months, the ship will visit 23 ports in 19 countries. Amongst these ports are five new ports - Yangon in Burma/Myanmar, the island of Crete in Greece, Bordeaux in Southern France, the Scottish capital of Edinburgh and Hilo in Hawai'i. The ship will arrive in Iceland at the perfect time of year to view the spectacular Aurora Borealis before crossing the Atlantic and visiting multicultural New York and tropical Havana, Cuba. This route combines time to relax in some of the world's most visited major cities alongside informative visits to some of the less well-travelled corners of the world. Read more
Life Onboard
Onboard each voyage, with the participation of around 30 guest educators from across the globe, Peace Boat organizes a range of educational activities, including peace education workshops and lectures, language classes and cultural programmes. The themes of these activities link Peace Boat's fields of work with contemporary issues in the countries we visit. Additionally, all participants onboard are encouraged to contribute to programmes, resulting in a daily schedule of more than 100 events and activities, from expert lectures on global issues to salsa dance classes, from Arabic conversation lessons to music festivals, from documentary movie screenings to soccer games on deck. Through utilizing the spaces onboard the ship, and harnessing the talents of all guests, participants and staff onboard, Peace Boat creates a special environment in which people can live, learn and undertake positive action together. Read more
The Ship
Peace Boat organizes its voyages on chartered passenger ships, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Currently Peace Boat is chartering the Ocean Dream for its global voyages. Read more
Upcoming Voyages

To learn more about how to join one of our Global Voyages for Peace click here. To learn more about available volunteer opportunities onboard click here.
Past Voyages (Voyage Archive)
Spanning over 30 years and incorporating more than 80 Peace Voyages as of January 2014, Peace Boat has travelled to more than 120 ports in over 80 countries. In this section, see the itinerary for each voyage Peace Boat has organized, from our first three-week educational voyage around Asia in 1983 to our most recent Global Peace Voyages. Detailed reports from each completed voyage since 2001 are also available. Read more