Life Onboard
In Pics I: Yokohama to Sri Lanka, May 29, 2018
Life aboard the Ocean Dream has been festive ever since the ship set sail on 8 May for the 98th Global Voyage of Peace Boat. To celebrate the start of the voyage, Captain Arymov hosted welcome parties for the newly boarded participants. At each party, the heads of the different sections of crew were introduced, and the attendees shared a toast to the 98th voyage. Tamura Miwako, the Cruise Director, and Konabe Takumi, the AI Program Director, danced salsa for everyone before the rest of the Peace Boat staff and participants at the party joined them on stage. Tamura will be leading onboard salsa lessons throughout the journey.

Peace Boat is proud to host a large number of participants from Taiwan for its 98th voyage. Over 100 new participants boarded at the port of Keelung, contributing to the highest number of international participants Peace Boat has had onboard for a journey yet. As such, the Ocean Dream has hosted a number of events showcasing the richness of Taiwanese culture, such as this performance by a group of indigenous Taiwanese dancers on 12 May.

On 15 May, Peace Boat guests were treated to another Taiwanese cultural event: a taiko drum and shishimai performance by Na-Cha Folk & Arts Troupe, who have performed multiple times on the ship, and led dance workshops and taiko drum lessons in preparation for Sports Day. The group seeks to maintain traditional Taiwanese artistic practices while updating them with a modern twist. Here, at the end of their performance, dancers in shen ou costumes performed on stage to modern pop music while the audience joined them.

The Ocean Dream arrived in Singapore on 18 May. Singapore is the second international stop on the journey, following Keelung in Taiwan. After the passengers onboard had enjoyed a sunny day in the city-state, and the last of the new members had boarded, the ship pulled away from the port and carried on to its next destination, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Every Peace Boat voyage is filled with opportunities for participants to learn new kinds of cultural arts and crafts from around the world. On the 98th voyage, they have had the chance to practice both Taiwanese Taiko and Okinawan Eisa on the deck of the ship under the open sky. The drummers will perform as part of the Sports Day festival on 31 May, when participants and staff will compete in teams as part of the event.

The Ocean Dream plays host to a wide variety of dance sessions of different styles and abilities. Dance sessions feature both modern and traditional styles, such as this session for advanced ballroom dancers.

Part of what makes the Peace Boat experience so unique is that the participants themselves help make the journey what it is. Participants are encouraged to lead events for each other, and share their knowledge, skills and interests. These events vary widely, with participants sharing field experience on serious issues such as medicine, as well as fun, light-hearted gatherings such as this one, in which participants made paper airplanes.

Respectful, educational cultural exchange is a core part of any Peace Boat voyage. Peace Boat participants are encouraged not only to explore new cultural practices, but to seek to understand their social and historical significance as well. Shortly after leaving Colombo, participants attended a session in which they learned about the history and nature of the sari, before practicing putting on their own saris.