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Jul 15, 2015 - Introducing Peace Boats Interns, July - December 2015
Peace Boat is very happy to introduce our current interns who are supporting Peace Boat's domestic and international initiatives for the remainder of 2015. During their internship between July - December they will gain direct experience in various fields within our NGO such as peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange. Having come from a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds we are excited to have them join our team as we develop our current and future projects. (Please see below for an introduction of each intern in alphabetical order).

The interns will continue to support Peace Boat on several initiatives particularly the Hibakusha Project which will have two special report sessions accompanying the ongoing I Was Her Age' campaign. Further efforts to promote global, peace-driven education will also be supported in this year's Global University on the 88th Voyage and the Global English/Espanol Training (GET) program which remains a cornerstone in Peace Boat's peace building efforts on every voyage. On land, these programs are supplemented with regular language sessions at GET and exciting Benkyoukai (study sessions) hosted by the Global University. Coming up shortly, interns will also be supporting Peace Boat's Peace&Green Boat regional short voyage and it's Open Ship' event in Yokohama.

For more information about the internship programme, including how to apply, please click here.

Roarke Jennings

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Roarke's hometown of Utah renowned for its beautiful mountains (and heavy snowfall which rivals that of Hokkaido he says) played a significant role in his interests in sustainability. As an avid fan of the outdoors and an advocate for experiential education, Roarke is currently completing his BA at Oregon State University (OSU) in International ecotourism and Sustainability. With an acute awareness of the contemporary challenges facing food systems, Roarke is eager to address the disconnect between people and nature through education. He hopes to ultimately create an education-based ecotourism centre, an interest which lies parallel to his enthusiasm for Peace Boat's sustainability initiatives, particularly that of its flagship project, the Eco-ship. Through this internship Roarke hopes to support Peace Boat's initiatives to create global solidarity to combat shared issues and build intercultural collaborations towards a sustainable future.

Chisato Kario

Having just completed an exchange program at University of Maryland College Park, Chi has returned to Japan to finish her final year in Tokyo at Keio University. Majoring in Political Science and International Relations, her interests in International Politics has led her to pursue a summer internship at Peace Boat. Chi's extensive experience living between the United States and Japan fostered a strong interest in Japanese Diplomacy with a regional focus in East Asia and the United States. With a passion for building people-to-people relations to enforce peace building efforts globally, Chi hopes to gain greater insight into the various campaigns being initiated within Japan and abroad. Chi is also an accomplished lacrosse player and is currently competing as a senior member of Japan's first and best university division. As a keen sportswoman, her interest in sports diplomacy alongside community building accompanies her enthusiasm for joining Peace Boat.

Sophia Slater

Born and raised in Japan, Sophia has just finished her first year at Vassar College in New York and is interning with Peace Boat during the summer. She has interned at human rights NGOs for the past two summers in India and Japan, pursuing her interest in cross-cultural conflict resolution as well as community-oriented efforts to combat human rights violations. She also has a strong interest in oral narratives, conducting interviews with Tibetan activists in India as well as participating in a project to hear the stories of young mothers who evacuated from Tohoku after the Great East Japan Earthquake. During her time at Peace Boat, she hopes to learn more about peace education and how that ties into international humanitarian efforts that are so often hampered by the lack of cross-cultural cooperation.

Keiko Ono

Borne of Japanese - Papua New Guinean descent, Keiko was primarily raised between nine countries in South-East Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Having studied Politics and Development studies at SOAS University of London, Keiko has since served as President of the Students Union, worked as a researcher for a Zambian NGO and completed a fellowship on disarmament while travelling between Iran and South Africa. Her interest in Peace Boat piqued having joined the 88th voyage as a volunteer educator for the Global English and Espagñol Teaching (GET) program. Having co-founded a NPO called the Pacific Islands Society, she is passionate about promoting a future that respects, inspires and empowers Pacific Islanders alongside global partners. During her internship she hopes to contribute to Peace Boat's work further on land while gaining greater insight in Japan's role addressing traditional and nontraditional security issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

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