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Apr 15, 2015 - Introducing Peace Boat's Interns, January - June 2015
Peace Boat is very happy to introduce our current interns who are supporting our activities in 2015 while gaining hands on NGO experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange, and other areas. This year's interns come from very diverse backgrounds and we have been very fortunate to hear their stories and learn from them. (Seen below in alphabetical order by first name)

The interns have so far been working on supporting and assisting with Peace Boat and Civil Society activities in relation to the 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR); preparations for the Peace Boat Hibakusha Project and specifically in relation to the "I Was Her Age" project on the 87th voyage, as well as the Open Ship Global Festival in April.; our ongoing campaign for a nuclear power free energy policy and efforts towards sustainable energy; support for the volunteers onboard, and in the study period leading up to departure; as well as research and other related work for current and future projects.

Interning with Peace Boat is a great way to experience working at an international NGO while in Japan, and get involved in the different activities carried out onboard, in Japan and in the different ports that Peace Boat visits. Applications for the 2015 July - December Internship Programme are now open. If you would like to get involved in Peace Boat activities and gain valuable experience in the NGO sector, send in your application now.

Akina Yamada

Akina is from Santiago, the capital of Chile. As a third-generation nikkei (person of Japanese descent), she decided to travel to the land of her forebears three years ago, and has been studying ever since at Waseda University in the School of International Liberal Arts, minoring in Global Leadership Studies. She has served as youth representative on the Board of the Chilean-Japanese Welfare Association where she organized and promoted events for intercultural exchange and the preservation of the Japanese culture. She is passionate about peace-building and peace-education.

Alisa Evans

Born and raised in Japan, Alisa moved to Salem, Oregon, the United States after junior high school. She attended the local high school and community college and intends to transfer to a four-year college in the near future. Inspired by her high school science teacher, she developed an interest in nuclear power, renewable energy, endangered species, fracking, natural gas, clear cutting, global warming, agent orange, and GMOs – issues that do not often see much coverage in the mainstream media. She also volunteered with 'Students for Change' collecting canned food, volunteering for a fair trade store, collecting donations for a reforestation project in Haiti, and raising awareness for LINK (Liberty in North Korea). Her passion for creating a more humane world led her to intern at Peace Boat.

Erika Ito

A second-generation Japanese American, Erika is interning at Peace Boat while studying at Waseda University on a study-abroad program. She hails from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she majors in Global Studies. With a long interest in East Asia and United States relations, she has also been involved in human rights and labor rights activism, and is passionate about social justice issues in general. Personally, she is a fan of jazz and hip hop, and enjoys trying foods from all around the world.

Rebecca Zissmann

Born and raised in France, Rebecca has been taking a gap year between her BA and MA, and has chosen to spend much of this time here in Japan interning at Peace Boat and the United Nations University in Tokyo. Her interest in volunteering was piqued when she traveled to Tohoku to get involved in disaster relief after the Great East Japan Earthquake. While there she shot a documentary film, focusing upon the region's reconstruction process. This fits neatly with her future goal of becoming a journalist, specifically a 'solution journalist'. She also has a strong interest in jazz.

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