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Mar 5, 2015 - Peace Boat arrives in Yokohama with message of resilience from children and youth of Latin America and the Caribbean
Peace Boat and CORELAC representatives received the Quipu and Declaration upon the ship's return to Yokohama, Japan
This March 5, Peace Boat's vessel returned to the port of Yokohama, Japan, at the conclusion of it's 86th Global Voyage, carrying an important parcel onboard: the opinions, feelings and visions of children, adolescents and young people of Latin America and the Caribbean in regards to resilience building.

These were articulated through the "Voces Movement" promoted by the Coalition for the Resilience of Children and Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean (CORELAC). Their voices are expressed in the "Declaration of children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean for resilience" and represented in the form of a "Quipu". The Quipu is an Inca means of communication of ancestral origin, consisting of ropes and knots, which sought to gather relevant messages to be shared between peers over time.

On January 27, 2015, this "Quipu" and "Declaration" were delivered by a representation of young Peruvian members of the Voces Movement to Peace Boat while docked in the port of Callao, Peru, and transported to Japan as part of the 86th Global Voyage. They will soon be delivered to the city of Sendai, where they will be presented to the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Disaster Risk Reduction, Margareta Wahlstrom within the framework of the Third World Conference of the United Nations on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) to be held in that city from March 14 to 18.

The messages in this great "Quipu" and "Declaration" contain the voices of more than 18,000 children and young people from 15 countries gathered over two years as part of different projects implemented by CORELAC members. Among the messages sent are proposals to respect their right to be heard, to participate and get involved, of being informed and heard in the decision making process, on strengthening resilience and disaster risk reduction in their communities; and the need for safe schools and curricula that promote risk reduction and environmental management, in addition to plans and projects to reduce vulnerability to health, safety and social risks.

Additional information:

Peace Boat is a nongovernmental international organization based in Japan, which organizes educational voyages to promote global peace, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment. The ship creates a neutral, mobile space allowing to establish ties of cooperation and dialogue across borders at sea and in ports visited. Since 2014, Peace Boat is an official partner of the Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready", promoted by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

CORELAC consists of Plan International, RET International, Save the Children, the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and World Vision; regional and international organizations committed to promoting and guaranteeing the rights of children, adolescents and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean at the highest level.

The Voces Movement, or Voices for Children and Youth for the resilience of Latin America and the Caribbean, is a CORELAC driven initiative that aims to promote, highlight and position the voice of children and young people in decision making processes and actions implementation in situations that affect them in areas such as disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and social risk in the region.

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