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Mar 12, 2014 - Global Festival for Peace and Tourism held onboard Peace Boat

During our most recent Open Ship event, held in Yokohama on March 8, 2014, Peace Boat welcomed more than 7,000 visitors interested in learning about our voyages and projects. As part of the Open Ship day events, the Global Festival for Peace and Tourism was also held, allowing visitors to the ship the opportunity to learn more about the countries that will be visited on upcoming Peace Boat Voyages.

Various Embassies in Japan, including the Embassies of Argentina, Madagascar, Montenegro, Mozambique, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Panama and Turkey held booths at the Festival to distribute information to visitors and give them a taste of their countries cultures, heritage and attractions. An assortment of items donated by the participating Embassies was raffled off during the event, adding to the fun and liveliness of Peace Boat's Festival for Peace and Tourism.

Peace Boat's Open Ship also allowed Ambassadors and other Embassy officials to visit the ship to see how it is used during our Global Voyages and learn about Peace Boat activities, including our efforts for international exchanges and nuclear abolition. The purpose of the Voyages is to promote peace and goodwill among countries, and to give participants onboard the opportunity to directly learn more about the world.

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