Activities in Port
Peace Boat visits an average of 15 ports on each global voyage. During our visits, typically one to three days in length, we develop various ways through which our overall objective of promoting peace and sustainability can find a concrete expression, locally and globally. The port is the place for us to build alliances and promote solidarity with different actors and at different levels of each society. Activities are jointly organized and aim to answer to the needs of our partners in each port at the same time as they become powerful mobilizing tools for the whole range of Peace Boat participants.
Exchange Programmes: building friendship at the grassroots
Exchange programmes bring Peace Boat participants and local people together to share common activities and move beyond the barriers of language and cultural difference. By dancing together, playing sport or learning each other's handicraft skills, we hope that participants can identify with each other on a human level, building the friendship links across nations and cultures that are a pre-condition for peace and sustainability.
Study Programmes: understanding local realities
In order to move towards peace and sustainability, we need to recognize the diversity, complexity and interconnectedness of our world. Local realities, at the grassroots level, are mostly unknown and thus ignored by the rest of the world. One powerful way to overcome this situation is by being directly exposed to those local realities, and by creating a common understanding of the problems and their possible solutions. Study programmes are organized so that they shed light on particular problems and share innovative local alternatives. This local level learning is then integrated into thinking on a global scale. We hope that, by raising such awareness, people participating in our activities can then better direct their actions towards positive change.
Supporting Each Other: goods for sustainability
One component of a Peace Boat visit to a port can include the delivery of support goods for sustainability. These goods, such as computers, school supplies and bikes are gathered by volunteers from across Japan and transported onboard the ship. Contributions reflect the actual needs of local communities, as determined through consultation with Peace Boat's partner organizations. Peace Boat members personally deliver the goods to the community in question, with the objective of understanding the needs for, and use of, the goods and building friendship links. This work is coordinated by the Peace Boat project team United People's Alliance (UPA).
Joint Appeals: supporting local advocacy campaigns
Peace Boat aims to contribute to the advocacy work of our local partners through the organisation of joint appeals in port aimed at raising local, national and international awareness. These can take the form of participating in public advocacy actions such as street demonstrations and delegations to embassies, or by highlighting a particular issue through a study programme or symposium. Media is key in this work, with the arrival of the ship itself often a newsworthy event that local partners can utilize to generate media coverage that includes their campaign issues. The ship is often used as a venue for press conferences.
Socially and Environmentally Responsible Tourism
Peace Boat strives to practice a progressive form of travel which aims to benefit people and communities at the local level as well as create a more meaningful and educational travel experience based on people-to-people exchange for participants. Our goal is to continuously identify and implement new practices that will help a better redistribution of the income generated through our travel/tourist activities towards our NGO or grassroots partners. We also hope to contribute to sustainable development projects and better understand and minimize our impact on the environment while linking local issues to the global context and learning first hand how we can positively impact these issues.