Cooperation and solidarity

Our activities are based on the philosophy that any problem faced by any community is a global challenge that must be tackled through cooperation between people, organizations and governments of the world.

Work based on civil society movement

We believe that changes in society can only come through the mobilization of people around particular issues. Our work seeks to mobilize people towards social action and building movement.

Financial self-sustainability

We believe that only through financial autonomy will NGOs be able to protect their ideological independence, while securing their sustainability for the future. Peace Boat funds itself through individuals paying the costs to join our voyages.

Participatory and horizontal working system

We are convinced that a horizontal, open, democratic and inclusive working system is a key factor for successfully facing the new challenges of the world.

Support and promotion of volunteerism

We believe that the mobilization of volunteers is one of the key elements in building a broad social movement. Our Japan-based volunteer schemes engage hundreds of people a year in Peace Boat activities, with work done being credited against the costs of joining a voyage. Through these volunteer schemes, Peace Boat seeks to make our peace voyages accessible to people from all walks of life and strengthen activity in civil society.

Independence from any political party or religious affiliation

Peace Boat is not part of any political party or affiliated to any religious movement.