Peace Boat has around 100 staff members who represent a wide diversity of ages, education histories, backgrounds and nationalities. Nearly all staff members joined the Peace Boat team after participating in a voyage as a volunteer, participant or guest educator, and demonstrating a strong commitment and contribution to Peace Boat's activities. Staff involved primarily in international outreach and coordination projects are listed below:
  • YOSHIOKA Tatsuya

    Yoshioka Tatsuya is Co-Founder and Director of Peace Boat, a Japan-based international NGO with Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the United Nations, in partnership with the UN SDG Action Campaign and associated with the UN Department of Public Information (DPI), and the Japan anchor for 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. While still a student at Tokyo's Waseda University, where he specialized in Asian Studies, Yoshioka became involved as a full-time volunteer in the solidarity movement for South Korean democratization. In 1983, he started organizing peace voyages to discover the truth about Japan's military aggression, with the objective of promoting peace education and people-to-people reconciliation between Japan and other Asian countries. ​

    From this vision of promoting people's diplomacy, Peace Boat has grown into a thriving NGO and social business that has organised more than 90 voyages for peace and sustainability, and taken more than 70,000 people to over 100 ports on 7 continents for study, volunteering, cultural exchange and sustainable tourism. Since 2016 Peace Boat's ship has sailed for the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the SDG Wheel logo on the side of the ship replacing the logo of the Millennium Development Goals. Yoshioka has led the organization of these voyages, as well as initiatives such as peace education for youth from conflict zones and post-conflict countries, and Northeast Asian people's dialogues. In 2008, Yoshioka was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on disarmament and the Global Article 9 Campaign for the Abolition of War. He is also Northeast Asia Regional Representative for the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). ​

    Since the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Yoshioka has devoted energies to the establishment of Peace Boat's Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre, which has dispatched more than 10,000 volunteers to the stricken regions, and to a post-Fukushima campaign for a Nuclear Power Free World. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and a passionate belief in the necessity to develop awareness of the need for non-fossil fuel, non-nuclear energy capacity, Yoshioka is currently spearheading the development of Peace Boat's Ecoship Project to create the world's first 10-mast cruise liner. Featuring a hybrid engine, zero NOx and SOx emissions, biophilic design for enhanced comfort and 740Kw of solar power generation, the Ecoship will be the greenest modern cruise ship to ever sail around the world, a flagship for the SDGs and the platform for Peace Boat's global voyages for peace and sustainability.
International Coordination Team
  • Rachel ARMSTRONG
  • Jasna BASTIC
  • Matthew DOUGLAS
  • GODA Shigehiro
  • Adrián GODINEZ
  • Karen HALLOWS
  • Cole HARTON
  • ISHIMARU Kensaku
  • Meri JOYCE
  • KAWASAKI Akira
  • Robin LEWIS
  • Pania LINCOLN
  • MATSUMURA Masumi
  • Emilie MCGLONE
  • Rémy MILLOT
  • MITSUEDA Moemi
  • MORITA Sachiko
  • Céline NAHORY
  • Anjeli NARANDRAN
  • NOHIRA Shinsaku
  • Laure NOREST
  • OCHI Shinichiro
  • OHATA Soichiro
  • OMURA Yuko
  • Maria Antonia PEREZ
  • Daniel READ
  • Simon ROGERS
  • Chema SARRI
  • Rosalva WELSCH
  • YAMAMOTO Junior

GET - Global English / Espanol Training
  • Sarah ANDERSON
  • Trevor CAMPBELL
  • ISHIDA Keiko
  • KOIZUMI Noriko
  • NAKAMURA Kanako
  • NAKATA Mikako
  • TAIRA Kazuhiro
  • Eduardo VILA

Peace Boat staff members gather in Tokyo at the organisation's 30th anniversary in November, 2013..