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Peace Boat charters a large passenger ship, The Ocean Dream, to carry out its voyages; however, Peace Boat does not carry "passengers" in the traditional sense. Everyone on board is an active "participant" in the Peace Boat project and has the opportunity to contribute to programmes on board and in port.

A Peace Boat voyage is a life-changing experience. Utilizing the public spaces and facilities onboard the ship, and harnessing the talents of staff and participants alike, Peace Boat creates a unique environment in which people can live and learn together while undertaking socially responsible travel to some of the most fascinating regions on earth. On average, between 700 and 1,000 participants of various ages and backgrounds join our voyages each time. Most participants are from Japan, but there is also a large community of participants from many other countries and regions including China, Singapore, Korea, and more. We offer our warmest welcome to all onboard!

Life Onboard
Life onboard Peace Boat as a participant is a rich and rewarding experience. Take part in our peace education forums and play an active role in the issues that we support including human rights, sustainable development and respect for the environment. Life on Peace Boat is also an opportunity to learn more about Japanese language and culture through interaction with the many Japanese participants onboard and participation in traditional cultural events.

Guest educators, all experts in their field, are invited from all over the world to deliver lectures and workshops on topics such as global and peace related issues, journalism, the environment, art, economics, NGOs, volunteerism and much more.

Besides our core programs consist of lectures, workshops and discussions organized by guest educators and staff members, all participants are encouraged to actively share their interests, talents, and life experiences.

Having 700 to 1,000 Japanese participants onboard makes it an ideal place to study Japanese language and culture, and learn about East Asian issues. Introductory lessons to some of the languages of the ports we visit, as well an internsive basic Spanish language course, are also available onboard.

Who joins Peace Boat voyages?

Peace Boat is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ideology or creed. The largest age group onboard is composed of retired people, but there are also many young people - on some voyages as many as 40 percent of participants are under 30 years old. The creative, energetic and harmonious atmosphere onboard Peace Boat encourages people to become friends with others whom they may not ordinarily have a chance to get to know.

Since Peace Boat made its maiden voyage in 1983, the majority of participants onboard Peace Boat have been from Japan. However, in recent years we are having an increasing number of people from other Asian countries and around the world.


Life onboard is mainly conducted in Japanese as the majority of participants onboard are from Japan, and some aspects of life onboard, such as food and festivities, reflect Japanese culture. There are however, many nationalities onboard and so there is always a lively international presence and many people communicate in English, Chinese, and even Korean and Spanish.
Port Programmes
In the ports that Peace Boat visits we arrange exchanges and study tours with our NGO partners and local community groups, enabling participants to experience another culture first hand and learn about the issues affecting different regions of the world directly from the people who live there. These optional programmes seek to foster international peace and friendship at a grassroots level through people to people exchange. There are also tourism-oriented optional tours in port to enable our participants to visit local cultural and historical sites of interest.
Participants' Voices
Aki Latvanlehto (Finland), participant on 68th Global Voyage

When I started my trip, not knowing very well what Peace Boat is all about, my greatest expectations were for the numerous countries that we were going to visit. Soon I realized that they are just one small part of something much bigger. Every day on board was full of various activities, and there were countless opportunities to experience new things that I normally would not have chance to do. Those activities also widened my awareness of the world, of environmental and peace related topics, and many more. One of the greatest things was making lots of new friends around the world, and of course on the ship itself. Finally, I could practice my Japanese skills almost every minute, resulting in a clear improvement. It was truly an amazing experience!

Detailed Cruise Info and Sign up Procedures

Peace Boat funds its activities on a non-profit, self sustainable basis through participants paying to join our voyages. The basic cost for a global voyage includes all meals and accommodation onboard, as well as access to all open lectures, workshops and other educational and cultural activities held onboard.

For more information about facilities onboard and how to sign up a voyage, please visit the English language home page of Japan Grace C.O., Ltd., the travel agency in charge of travel services for our voyages here.
*In accordance with Japanese travel law, our voyages and related travel services are planned and conducted by registered travel agency Japan Grace C.O., Ltd.

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Being a participant on one of our voyages is a life-changing experience and a unique opportunity to travel, learn, and make new friends while expanding horizons.

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