Get Involved
Travel, learn and experience the world with us!
From joining a voyage as a participant to volunteer or intern opportunities onboard and in land, there are many ways to get involved with Peace Boat, supporting our programs, campaigns, projects, and organizational administration, and contributing to our efforts to build a culture of peace and sustainability around the world.

  • As a Participant (Passenger)
  • Peace Boat funds its activities on a non-profit, self sustainable basis through participants paying to join our voyages. However, Peace Boat does not carry "passengers" in the traditional sense. Everyone on board is an active "participant" in the Peace Boat project and has the opportunity to contribute to programmes on board and in port. You can be part of this floating village, learning and growing as you travel the world.

  • As a Volunteer Staff member onboard
  • Peace Boat offers a great opportunity for those people with specific skills to further develop their capacity while contributing to the strengthening of global civil society. Each voyage, Peace Boat recruits volunteer interpreters and language teachers to support its programmes onboard. As a Peace Boat volunteer staff member, you can have the chance to make a difference onboard and in the ports we visit.

  • As a Volunteer or Intern on Land
  • Our Peace Boat Centers across Japan, our main office in Tokyo and our sister organization based in New York welcome individuals interested in supporting our activities while gaining hands on NGO experience in the field of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange, and other areas.

  • As an Institutional or Individual Partner
  • Peace Boat's work is carried out in partnership with individual or institutional partners working in the field of peace, human rights, the environment and sustainable development, including academics, NGOs, civil society groups, student groups and volunteer organisations.